Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rebild National Park, Jutland

Lincoln Log Cabin

The Rebild Festival on July 4th has been a tradition for almost 100 years. Since 1912 it has been a meeting place for Danish-Americans. A Danish-American, Max Henius, got the idea in 1911 and was sure that the celebration had to be on Independence Day, the 4th of July.

The money for buying the big heath area was donated from Danish-Americans all over the USA - and the intention was to give it to the Danish State. The conditions were that it should always be open to the public, the Danish-Americans were allowed to have celebrations in the park on July 4th and other American Memorial days - and last but not least the park had to stay in a natural state.

Rebild Bakker (Rebild Hills) are visited each year by more than 400.000 people and is one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions.

Every year on July 4th are delivered addresses by selected people to the big gathering of Danish-Americans. There are entertainment and other arrangements. 'The Lincoln Log Cabin', (Bjælkehuset) is a museum, telling the story about the Danish emigrants. In the last part of the 1900s and the first of the 2000s more than 300.000 Danes left their homeland to seek their fortune in America. In the museum are also effects from various Native American cultures.

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photo July 2007: grethe bachmann

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