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Mysteries - 4) Borreby Slot

"The Alchemist and the Doppelgänger"

When Valdemar Daa in the 1600s owned Borreby he had lots of trouble with his economy. Like so many others at that time he experimented with the alchemy in the hope that he could grow rich by making gold himself. Like so many others he did not succeed. He had to leave Borreby and died a ruined man in 1691.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote a compassionate fairy-tale " Vinden fortæller om Valdemar Daa og hans døtre". (translated by Jean Hersholt, see: Valdemar Daa ). Borreby slot is marked by the medieval history about Valdemar Daa. He is said to be walking restlessly in the cellars and corridors of Borreby, still thinking and experimenting, stubbornly trying to make gold.

Borreby was taken over by one of Valdemar Daa's neighbours, Ove Rand, and his lucky star wasn't shining either. People said he had sold his soul to the Devil in order to gain richness. He died in 1685 after having seen a big black dog in his study. The dog was staring at him with flaming eyes and then disappeared through the wall. People were convinced that the dog came for him when he died and brought him to a special hot place.

The dog is still at Borreby, but now outside. As late as in 2003 a bird-watcher , a banker , was visiting Borreby Mose close to Borreby Slot, a popular bird-locality. He was looking in his binoculars and accidentally discovered a black dog among the trees by the castle. At first he didn't wonder about this, but then the dog turned its head and stared directly at him although he was about 200-300 m away. He got so scared when he saw those shining eyes of the dog that he let go of the binocular. But then he tried to look again and the dog had disappeared. He hasn't seen it since although he often is visiting the place.

It can be scaring to visit Borreby at night. Sometimes screams are heard from the moat. It sounds as if someone has fallen into the water and is now is fighting for his life. People who wanted to rescue the drowning man, couldn't find anyone in distress. Is it the echo from a long time forgotten event..........?

One of the latest residents at Borreby was Frederik Berregård who died in1805. He had some trouble with the supernatural too, but it was his own abilities he couldn't control. He was a Doppelgänger. People saw him fx supervising in the field, and at the same time he was seen sitting by the window in his study. Belive it or not!

Borreby Castle is situated in Southwest Zealand 3 km south of Skælskør. Public access to the park in summer.

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"Det mystiske Danmark", en rejseguide til spøgelser, uhyrer og andre mærkværdigheder.
Lars Thomas, Aschehoug Dansk Forlag, 2005.

photo 2007: grethe bachmann, Borreby, Zealand

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