Friday, September 11, 2009

Coal Tit/Sortmejse
Periparus ater

A sweet and very busy little coal tit in the pine wood.

The coal tit is native to Africa, Europe and into Russia. In Denmark it is especially found in coniferous forests, but it also likes the bird table in the villa gardens. It only weighs about 8-10 gram! A coal tit likes seeds and insects, but it is also a little master in collecting a store of greenflies. It takes a bundle of greenflies and crush them into a mass before eating them. When it finds food among the needles on the firs it also hoards some of it before winter, hiding the food in the cones or in rests of undeveloped shots. The coal tit is mostly hopping in the top of the trees together with the small firecrests.

photo Løvenholm skov: grethe bachmann

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