Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come on, King Winter!

My buy: Shiitake mushrooms, ginger and seaweed.

Coming close to winter I suddenly wish to be very healthy! Is this because I think I can fight winter? Maybe people also felt that in the old days, when summer ended, and when autumn was a preparation for the winter season. Foods had to be stored, corn, fish, meat, vegetables - they knew how to handle this. I know nothing about salting fish, drying meat, conserving vegetables - I just buy my way through winter.
But I'll have to do something. So I have been looking for healthy things! Someone told me about some new scientific research. Mushrooms have just been an addition to my meals before, but they are much more healthy than considered, especially the shiitake mushrooms. It was common to use shiitake mushrooms for medicine in China for thousands of years, but China was always clever about such things.

New scientific research shows that Shiitake mushrooms strengthen the immune system - they even say dramatically. Well, who could not be in the need of strengthening the immune system, i.e. lots of people have got allergy, and a cure is difficult to find. A compound in these mushrooms, lentinan, has the power to improve the immune system and help protect it from disease - and in some cases it is effective of fighting off sickness. This lentinan is also said to destroy cancer cells in the body.

Another compound, eritadenine, can improve the health of the heart. The shiitake mushrooms can lower the cholesterol like garlic and many other things can do. There is an extremely high content of antioxidants, which of course gives benefits too. What is most fantastic is that the scientists have discovered that the shiitake mushrooms can improve the situation considerably for people suffering from aids. This sounds incredible, but I think this must be the most important discovery.

But since I wish to improve my immune system, because I've got some allergy - and because it is always good to prevent other nasty things, then I bought some shiitake mushrooms yesterday and fried them for my meal. I had fish, but this suited okay. They do not taste "too much". A very neutral taste. I'm a single girl, so I divided the portion in two, and I'll try to use them in an omelet today!
If they are as healthy as they say and improve the health in general, then I'll add them to my food this winter - together with other healthy things, for I'm a bit of a hypochondriac! Maybe more than a bit........

I'll look out for ginger and seaweed next!
photo 18.10.2010:gb


Teresa Evangeline said...

I love mushrooms. I recently purchased a package of dried wild mushrooms, which includes shitake. I plan to saute them and put them over a bowl of herbed polenta. Perhaps for dinner tomorrow evening. Health benefits and tasty - a good combo!

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! It's good to have a small storage of the dried mushrooms. I haven't seen a mix with shiitake, yet. There is a mushroom (Karl Johan mushroom )with a fine taste, also when dried and for soups. It is in the forests, looking like a big bun, I've just looked up the English name: Penny bun, and it is also found in North America. (Boletus).

Joan said...

Good luck with your health Grethe. Mushrooms sound so Autumn to me. Mother nature knows when we need these things I think. May Autumn and Winter be kind to you!

Thyra said...

Thank you Joan! I'm making a list with all the most healthy products! And today you can get "healthy" chocolate! (the 70% cocoa you know).
I have found more winter-clothes from their hide and moved the summer-clothes to their place! And found my boots, and woolen scarfs and caps etc. It would be much easier if I lived in California!
Grethe ´)

Murr Brewster said...

I think the healthiest thing about the mushrooms is all the butter you fry them in. You do, don't you?

Thyra said...

No, I don't! I use a good plant oil.
I only have butter in Sundays on my morning bread!
Grethe ´)