Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mysteries - Agri Church

The Nightmare of a Norwegian Family.

Agri church is an idyllic little church in Mols Bjerge. It looks like the motif of a postcard, and it is difficult to imagine that it might be the home of mysterious and uncanning events. A Norwegian family of four experienced on a late evening in June in 1996 that something terrible happened at the church in Agri.

The family was on a summer holiday in Denmark; they came from Bergen and had been driving through Jutland and paid a short visit to Århus. It was a fine weather and they decided to drive through Mols Bjerge before they went to their destination in Ebeltoft. The family father was an engineer of 53, his wife a psychologist of 51, and their two twin-daughters of 26 were respective school-teacher and technical designer. None of them have forgotten what happened that night, when a short stay by the church in Agri developed into a true nightmare.

"The weather was lovely, and it was such a cosy trip along small, winding roads and with the scent of flowers," the family father told later, "but the girls complained that they were getting "seasick".  We had just arrived to the village Agri, and I drove up to a parking place by the church.  We went out to get some fresh air, before we continued to Ebeltoft. We were tired, but we were looking forward to the next part of the tour, and none of us had been drinking anything stronger than sodawater."

In a few moments something strange happened. It was ten in the evening and it had grown darker, but they were close enough to see two people emerging by the foot of the church tower. They were dressed in dark clothes, like monk robes, and it looked like they were talking to each other in a low voice. A moment later they stopped their talk and went around the corner on the other side of the tower, as if they wanted to hide. At short moment later another person came walking from the other side of the church; he passed the tower closely, and the two other persons jumped out, threwing themselves on him. The Norwegian family was paralysed and watched terrified ,while the newly arrived was beaten with two heavy sticks. While he  was laying quietly on the ground, his two attackers bent over him and removed something he had been carrying. The family could not see what it was, but the daughter Sissel was of the opinion that it was a little bag of some kind.   

Not until then the family discovered that the attack had taken place without a sound - in spite of the quiet evening and in spite of that they stood less than 100 meter from the dramatic scenery. They now saw that the two attackers stood up and left their victim and almost melted together with the darkness on the other side of the church. The family finally came out of their paralysis - and they all run up to the victim on the ground. There was no trace of anything at all  - no victim, no blood, nothing.  "We just run to the car an drove all we could to our hotel in Ebeltoft", the mother said. "we almost did not talk about it, and the next days we kept a nervous eye on newspapers and TV-news, but we never saw or heard anything about a robbery at Agri church. We don't like to talk about it. I think we are all trying to forget it."       

In spite of several attempts no one have succeeded in finding out, if an attack like this has taken place by Agri church .

Source: Lars Thomas , Det mystiske Danmark - en rejseguide til spøgelser, uhyrer og andre mærkværdigheder. Lars Thomas og Aschehoug Dansk Forlag, 2007.

photo Agri, Mols,  2011: grethe bachmann


Wanda..... said...

Sounds ghostly or maybe they were just thieves stealing from another thief and neither the perpetrators or the victim wanted the incident known!

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda! Yes, maybe this is the natural explanation. I once went into a passage grave on Mols together with some friends at midnight in thunder and lightning, and we expected something ghostly to happen. Nothing happened. I was actually disappointed!(I would have been terrified if it had!)
Grethe ´)

Carolyn said...

Oooooooo ... good story... be interesting to have this solved but then that would end a good mystery! ;)

Thyra said...

Hej Carolyn! I hadn't thought of that, but you're right - then the air would get out of the balloon!! I had wondered if I should try to solve it! I cannot resist riddles, but I cannot get someone to go with me to Mols at night.... That's my excuse! ´)

Out on the prairie said...

No to be continued? A enjoyable tale.

Thyra said...

Hej Steve ! I've got more mysteries than this one! It's amazing what people see. Why don't I ever see some ghosts? I see some shadows at night, but that's my eyes' fault! ´)

Teresa Evangeline said...

An interesting story. I know unexplainable things happen, but I also know the mind's eye can play weird tricks on us. The imagination is a powerful thing, but I'm also someone who believes anything is possible! ;)

I hope your weekend is off to a good start, Grethe.

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! Yes,there is something we cannot explain. I was fascinated by this story because four people had seen the same - and then the strange silence while it happened. But if I experience something like this I'm not sure I dare tell it. People might think I was crazy or senile! `)

The week-end has started well for me, but like other people I was unsettled by what happened in Libya. It was so primitive. How do the soldiers cope with a crowd like that. It must be awful.

But I hope you'll have a nice week-end. You have not yet startet yours and Buddy is still soundly asleep, dreaming about delicious cakes.
Grethe `)

MyMaracas said...

Oh, I do love a ghost story, especially this time of year! This one gave me a chill - exactly what a good tale should do. Well told.

Thyra said...

Thank you Maracas. Yes - in the dark winter-evenings it's cosy to tell ghost-stories. I chose this one because four well-educated people had seen the same.
Grethe ´)