Sunday, April 15, 2012

I met a Red Kite Yesterday.....

Red Kite

by Allen Willianms from Bridgend about a Red Kite in Mid Wales.

What are you thinking my wild friend
As you claim supremacy of the summer sky?
What magic holds you there without a single flap
Of your gorgeous wings?

Who dresssed you today wondrous one
In a rust coloured waistcoat and a starched white shirt?
Your taloned wings outstretched embrace the sky
You truly are God's work.

Who are you nagging with that fishwife song?
They can hear you from Garreg Dan to Caban Coch
Keep on calling my brave beloved, someone will come,
You cannot be the last Red Kite.

Written by Allen Williams 1972. 

photo Djursland 14. April 2012: grethe bachmann


Out on the prairie said...

what a nice share, I would love to watch this bird

Teresa Evangeline said...

Very nice and great photos to illustrate.

Wanda..... said...

Your Red Kites are similar to our Red-shouldered Hawks. Love to watch the soar!

Thyra said...

Hej Steve, yes, it is such a fascinating bird, and I cannot detach from it. For some time 4 kites were sailing high up in the sky. It seemed to be a permanent place with a nest nearby. Maybe two adults and two young birds from last year. It is a place where the kite lives, but we haven't been lucky to find this special place before. Now we can go there once in a while.

Teresa, yes, I find it difficult to find words for something that beautiful. Allen Wiliams from Wales was close to my feelings for this wonderful bird of prey.

Wanda, that's what makes it so special to see this elegant, beautiful bird hovering in the sky, using its tail to find balance in the wind streams. It is like the kite is enjoying its flying skills.
I looked up the red-shouldered hawk. It is beautiful, it is also familiar to the buzzard, except for the fine red colours. I imagine you live near the habitats of the hawks.

Cheers to all of you
Grethe ´)

AgaB said...

Beautiful images!

Pozdrawiam z Polski

Thyra said...

Hej AgaB!
Thank you very much, it's very kind of you.

Grethe ´)