Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Month of May - Sweet and Mild

The month of May is sweet and mild with soft green hills and light green leaves,
sparkling yellow in the sunlight.

"Bright coinage by the generous sun
Down flung and scattered one by one..."

says a poem by Andrew Downing.¨¨

Horse and cattle are out in the fields again, enjoying the good weather I suppose. They almost alway join each other in a flock -  they are social  animals. I feel so sorry for a lonely horse in a field.

These horses are grazing in a beautiful place. I wonder if they do observe that?

Three photos from Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

Just take a look at this lovely thick wool of the Galloway cow.

The Galloway cattle is grazing the area of the Molslaboratoriet, owned by Naturhistorisk Museum in Aarhus and a part of the Nationalpark Mols Bjerge.

A sweet little Galloway calf. The Galloway cattle is very peaceful and calm, in fact reserved, they are not interested in us humans, no matter how much we want to "talk with them" - which might be a good thing! They are not curious, they keep away from us, which might prevent some bad experiences,  when we are walking in their fields.

So sweet. What fine eyelashes!

Den italienske sti (The Italian path). Each year I long for a walk along this path, it's a place with lots of plants and animal life, especially many butterflies in summer, but today is still too early. BUT it is a lovely spring day, and the sun is warming my old wintercold bones!

A brimstone in a dandelion

Have you walked beneath the blossoms in the spring?
In the spring
Beneath the apple blossoms in the spring
When the pink cascades are falling
And the silver brooklets brawling
And the cuckoo bird is calling
In the spring

from poem by William Wilsey Martin.

Walking along the Italian Path gives me the feeling that I want this moment to last.....

.....but we drive on and down to the beach  - and we pass one of the pretty buildings, belonging to the Mols Laboratory.

Down by the beach and the clouds and the blue, blue sea........

This cloud is either a duck or a dachshound being chased by a big fish!

A white wagtail playing by the beach...

Genista anglica ( Engelsk Visse) here growing by the coast of East Jutland, common in Mid- and West Jutland (in Denmark).

English names are petty whin, needle furze, needle whin. It is a shrubby flowering plant of the family Fabacea, which can be found growing in Cornwall, Wales and eastern Scotland.

Goodbye to Mols Bjerge and The Italian Path and the Galloway calf for this time..............

photo Mols/Strandkær 10 May 2014: grethe bachmann 


Out on the prairie said...

Like the Anglica, looked at some today at a greenhouse

Thyra said...

Hej Steve, yes it's a pretty yellow flower.

Have a nice week-end. Here in DK Friday is also a holy day! It's for praying! How about you?

Grethe ´)

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a beautiful post, Grethe. Clouds, horses and you always find the most intriguing pathways. I want to walk them! All this and poetry, too ... :)

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa, thank you so much. Yes - all this and poetry too.
I love that.
I just came to think of a Danish summer song which I haven't heard for many years. This song would fit well today, but unfortunately it is untranslateable! New word!

What if we had a way of automatic translating all languages ( a tiny thing put into our brain) so we could talk to each other no matter where we came from?

Maybe we'll understand what Buddy says one day! ´)

Thank you for your wroof, Buddy.
Wroof again!

Have a nice week-end, Teresa!
Grethe ´)

stardust said...

Perfectly lovely post! It would be a pure joy if I could set myself free to these places.