Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cherry Plum/Kirsebærblomme ('Mirabelle')
Prunus cerasifera

Cherry Plum grows wild in the countryside, but is also found in gardens both in fence and as a pretty standard tree. The fruits have a fine yellow-orange to red colour. They can be eaten fresh in some forms, being sweet with a good flavour, while others are sour, but excellent for jam-making. They are also used in snaps and liqueur. Cherry plum is also called Myrobalan (plum).

Kirsebærblomme is mostly known as Mirabelle in Denmark, although they are not quite the same species. It is popular served as stewed fruit with double cream. This year, 2006, has been an immensely rich fruit season, also for the 'Mirabelles', and the windfalls have been fermenting on the ground making the wasps and other insects drugged and confused. They have also in some degree attracted a special butterfly, Camberwell Beauty (Sørgekåbe) , which is sucking alcohol from the 'Mirabelles' .

Camberwell Beauty (Nymphalis aniopa) is rare in Denmark, but this year there was an 'invasion'. Maybe the warmer climate is due to this.

photo: grethe bachmann

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