Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Polygala vulgaris
Common Milkwort/Almindelig mælkeurt

Polygala vulgaris/ Common Milkwort is a species of the genus Polygala. It was called Freya's Hair in Scandinavia, but after Christianity came to it was renamed after Virgin Mary. All heathen names were obviously forbidden. Boring! Freya's Hair was a beautiful name.

Common milkwort is native to most of Europe, but to the south only in the mountains. It was used medicinally as an infusion to increase the flow of a nursing mother's milk. It is antibacterial and was used for many diseases fx bronchitis, good for the stomach, laxative, loss of appetite, tuberculosis and veterinary it promoted the flow of milk in cattle. Common milkwort grows on heaths, dunes and grasslands. It is rare, but frequent in patches on calcerous grassland.

photo Stigsholm Sø, Mid Jutland 24. May 2009: grethe bachmann

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