Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strands, Mols, East Jutland

Lovely Icelandic Horses

The upper picture is a holiday house at Strands. Along the coast are hills in ab. 200 m distance from the beach, and along this hillside is a holiday house area; several houses are placed along the edge and have a wonderful view across the waters of Begtrup Vig , Århus Bay and Kattegat.
The second photo is a beach house at Strands and the only one, the area is listed, and it is not allowed to build here. The house was probably once a home for a man who took care of the beach, but now it has been restored and has a probably very happy private owner.

The beach of Strands is situated at Begtrup Vig, a corner of Århus Bay at Mols, which to the east and south is bordered by Helgenæs, to the east by Dragsmur at the landtongue between Mols and Helgenæs. The inner part of Begtrup Vig from a small island Rønnen to the north and to Stavsøre at Helgenæs is surrounded by meadows and fields. To the north is more hilly, and here are the villages Begtrup and Strands and further to the west are areas with holiday houses; the coast then turns south forming the peninsula Skødshoved with the southern point Mols Hoved. The landscape is formed by the movement of the ice during the last Ice Age.

The inner part of Begtrup Vig is a section of Natura 2000-area "51 Begtrup Vig og kystområder ved Helgenæs", and is EU-habitat area.

The Icelandic horses might feel they are in paradise at this place and on such a summer's day. They are very popular with families coming here with their children who love those friendly quiet horses. They are behind fence, but they come willingly up to people to have a little talk. I think they are so beautiful.

Begtrup Vig is sheltered from all wind directions so it is a good place to go sailing. A family was preparing for a trip and the father was impatient. "I'm ready with the boat, now come!" But the little one started to cry. She did not want to have this west on, she did not want to go on that boat, she was very displeased! But finally the whole family was onboard - and I reckon they had a good sailing trip - without getting seasick. A small boat bobs up and down!

I wonder if this is a fox-hole. Smelled like one.

A flowering field, but a photo will never do it justice. You'll miss the warm sun and the lovely scents from the flowers and the nearby wild roses - you'll miss the humming of the bumble-bees and the fluttering of the butterflies - and you'll miss the sound of the small waves when they touch the stones by the water's edge.

A Common Blue

A Peacock butterfly

If you like butterflies, there are photos on my Danish blog: "Sommerfugle i Danmark".

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photo Strands 2008: grethe bachmann


Kittie Howard said...

Oh, the beauty! The flowers, the sparkling water, the boat, all one with nature. I think these are your most beautiful photos yet. And the blue butterfly is truly magnificent. Actually, I don't think I've ever seen a blue one before. I looked at the photo for some time, totaly drawn into the beauty of it all. Thank you!

Thyra said...

Hej Kittie! Good to see you again! I'm so glad you like the photos, sometimes it is difficult to show a flower field on a photo, because you lack the sun and the summer breeze, the scents and the humming of the bumble-bees! There are many blue butterflies of the same blue species and they are difficult to distinguish, but they are everywhere. There are lots of butterflies on my blog: "Sommerfugle i Danmark", if you like.

Wanda..... said...

Your photos are beautiful, Thyra. I made my way here from Lisa's Nature Nutz. You identified a flowering tree for her. I knew right away that I would like to follow yours.

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda! That's great. You're very welcome . I'm so glad when someone is really interested.
Kind regards