Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Day in February in the Windy Kolindsund, Djursland.....

A Day in February with a milder temperature, but with an ice-cold wind. Still two more months before the"real" spring is arriving. What I especially like about this time of the year is that I can enjoy the black silhouettes of the trees upon the clear blue sky without thinking that this will last six months before the trees will burst into leaves again. Yes, the winter is too long here. I miss the birds and the butterflies. How do they survive? But no matter how hard the winter has been the birds begin to sing at the first little sight of spring, and the butterflies and bees come out like little miracles in the springtime. So who am I to complain?  

  It showed that we had chosen one of the coldest places in the country, a sound which was a sea thousands of years ago, but still lies like a large land with no shelter. A flock of swans had found a place in the corner of a small lake, which was filled with brash ice.
In the distance was a little village and a medieval parish church in Tøstrup from the 1100th. So many years it has been  there as a witness of so much, which we do not know much about today.

"When I live in such a desolate place it doesn't matter that I am a little messy!" he might think! But I have noticed that there are some villages, where so many farms and houses are surrounded by a mess of old things, old cars, tractors, stone-heaps, decayed outhouses, neglected gardens, while other villages are neat and well-kept, the outhouses are fine and painted and the gardens are lovely to look at. Maybe it is catching? Just a thought.

Here they are again, one of my many weaknesses,
this time a windblown hedgerow, which is a vigorous growth in summer, but it is also picturesque now. It is simple, brings quietness to your mind, if that's what you want - and this is what I want today.

I have always room for a horse or more than one, but this white horse seemed to be alone, grazing in a landscape with a wide view all the way to the northern part of Djursland. Why should  a horse care
about such a useless  waste of time? Is he just enjoying life? If he is a she the name might be Blondie.

This was the little yellow house on the corner. I almost missed it in the move. I like yellow houses.
Well,. this one is almost white, but it is a neat little
house. No garden? Again some silhouettes, this time
some crippled birch trees, which are pretty in summer.


 And then it became dark afternoon on our way home..............

photo Kolindsund 5. February 2011: grethe bachmann


Wanda..... said...

Beautiful scenes, Grethe. Love the header photo, very serene!

Thyra said...

Thank you Wanda. `)

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a lovely post. I liked reading your thoughts about what you saw and felt along the way - the notion of a village or a church witnessing the history, and the ever-returning spring. I, too, love yellow houses. My maternal grandparents had a little one.

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! Thank you.I wish I had a yellow house with a rose garden! Early Thursday morning here, the light is coming. I'm sitting in my corner with my "morning meal" - and coffee of course - looking at the sky each morning. Never had that habit before to sit there quiet following the light! Must be Age!
Have a nice day over there on the other side of the big pond!
Grethe ´)

cerrascapes said...

Lovely posts -- we too have long and cold winters, but with the benefit of snow. I have no complaints, however, seasonal extremes of weather and appearance make the world more deeply felt and appreciated. I look forward to "seeing" spring in Denmark through your blog. Thanks!

Thyra said...

Hello Juliana! Thank you! I hope to get some spring-photos soon. Today the snow has come back, but the blackbird did sing yesterday!
Grethe ´)

CherylK said...

Such a beautiful country, Grethe! I just love that photo of the stand of trees in your heading. I know what you mean about the small villages that are neglected and then there are some that are well cared for. We see that here, too.

Thyra said...

Hej Cheryl! Thanks. sorry it took so long, I have been without connection. Awful!
It's strange! I haven't got any photos of those neglected villages. Maybe I just don't like to
show the decay, unless it is medieval ruins!