Friday, February 11, 2011

New Study - Ghosts or Fantasy?

If you want to see something then it is there.



Ghosts do not just belong to the past. A new study shows that 21 % of the Danes believe in ghosts, which bears witness about religiosity and that modern man has the same scheme of things as Stone Age man, claim the experts.

Scepsis or Intolerance?
I don't know what to think about this. I don't want to be intolerant, so I'll just say that  "there is more between heaven and earth, Horatio, than you can imagine........". I have never seen a ghost myself or know no one, who has - except I have read the stories about people, who have experienced paranormal situations. There have been TV-series about this subject, and some of the events can be proved to have a natural explanation, others are not easy to explain.

Images of the Past like Radio-Waves?
I like to read ghost stories myself, but if I ever met a grey lady or another strange figure, then I would probably drop dead - or at least faint. Right now I imagine that what people see - if they see those grey ladies or other shady figures - that they might be strong images from the past with such a power that they can stay or show forever - like when  radio-waves move out into the universe. But how and why?   

Religion and Communication
The belief in the supernatural is obvious alive in Denmark. In an investigation by the paper metroXpress say 21 % Danes that they believe in ghosts. One of 17 has seen a ghost themself, while every fourth know one who has. At the same time believe 28 % that it is possible to communicate with the diseased. This belief  is also a religious aspect. The belief that the diseased have got an influence at the present is spread among many religions.

Are we travelling Fossils?
A professor at Århus University (Religious Science) confirms that the belief in ghosts are one of the oldest imaginations man has ever had. It is difficult to say, how religion was in Stone Age, he continues, but the belief in ghosts serves two superior purposes, partly as a good entertainment, and partly using the diseased in order to understand why something happens - or in order to try to make something happen.  The professor says that in this point is there not much difference between Stone Age man and the modern man. "We are in many ways travelling fossils, the body has not changed fundamentally, and the same goes for our imagination. Like Stone Age man we want to communicate with our forefathers". says the professor.

A haunted place in Copenhagen.
There is an empty place in Copenhagen behind a tall boarding. A few years ago was here a disco called Absalon. This place had a reputation of being the most haunted place in the country, says a writer of ghost-stories. The disco was placed above the oldest church  and grave-yard in Copenhagen from the time of archbishop Absalon. The writer has interviewed some of the earlier employed from the disco, and even the most sceptical people were after a short time convinced that there were ghosts at disco Absalon. Several clairvoyants and ghost-hunters have examined the place and have noted strange and agressive energies. Before a new building has to be raised, archaeologists started digging down in history. They found more than 500 skeletons, placed in many layers, half were children skeletons. 

Many castles and manors have their ghosts, and the stories about these various ghosts are very exciting read.  Here in this blog are a few ghost-stories from some Danish castles and manors. If you choose the label ghost story, you'll get them all.

Some well-known Danes have told about their experiences, an actor lived in his childhood in a house, where the piano started to play by itself, and it showed that a piano-player had lived there, who had committed suicide. When the boy came home from school and knew he would be alone in the house, he was so afraid that he stayed outside for hours. He simply dared not go inside.

This is what happens today about the ghost- research. You'll of course decide for yourself what you believe or not believe in, dependent on what you or your family and friends might have experienced yourselves.

Source: metroXpress, Friday 11. February 2011, journalist Klaus Lange, Anne Fiil and writer Steen Langstrup. 

Famous writers of ghost-stories 

 photo: meadow at Vilhelmsborg manor: grethe bachmann


Joan said...

I've never seen a ghost ..that I know about anyway.. but I have had some odd happenings. This is aninteresting post Grette.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Very interesting post, Grethe. I haven't seen a ghost as people normally describe them, but I've had some amazing and wonderful experiences I can't explain. I still wonder...are they out there, or are they in our perceptions and we define what they are? It all fascinates me. I like the opening quote/statement to Horatio.

Thyra said...

Hej Joan and Teresa Evangeline.
Thank you for your comments. There are things difficult to explain like some special coincidences - I sometimes wonder if they all are coincidences or what?

I had no net-connection since last Friday. Had to get a new modem installed.

I always have abstinences when my computer doesn't work!