Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm really happy about this new Law

Simested Å river
A new law about border zones (Randzoneloven) comes into effect 1. September 2012 . The law restricts the farmers' right of disposal by depriving them from cultivating and fertilizing areas within 10 meters from the edge of water streams.  It is only allowed to cultivate perennial energy crops - and even this might not be allowed later after a possible tension of the law before the coming into effect.
There will also be public access to the areas along the water streams. 

This law will degrade the economy of the farmers, but a compensation is prospected. The farmers are not happy about this law, and they have fought against it for many years, but now it seems that Mother Nature will prosper from this new law.

I'm very happy about this law. There have been lots of problems and cases with released wastewater in the water streams and rivers, fish have died and plants and insects have disappeared and there are problems with the bees everywhere,  and the soil in the border zones have been over fertilized. It is necessary to take care of our nature now. It is not a moment too soon.

Yes, I'm happy about this law, and I hope it will really work out for the benefit of water, soil, fish and plants and insects - and our dear bees and bumble bees.

It is also great, if we'll really have some places to walk along our rivers and water streams inland. This has almost been impossible. 

bumble bee


stardust said...

Which is priority, economy or environment, has always been the center of controversy regarding any human activities. If farmers (or other professions) can’t restrain themselves, it’s government role to regulate. Wish you, Grethe, the river never be polluted and the bumble bees thriving.


Kittie Howard said...

This is a fantastic law. Wish we had it here. Loved your e-mail but am taking your advice and finishing up the second draft to my book. Not much more to go. Thanks, Grethe, for your support. I think you were the only one who got what I was saying about the Hamptons. There's a new acceptance of 'rich' here that is kinda scary.

Thyra said...

Hej Yoko, thank you very much I wish that it will all be well. It is so vital for our future.

Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Kittie, yes it is, and just a short time ago I thought it would not come through. I'm sure there will be reactions from the farmers.

Some of the women misunderstood your post about Hampton, didn't they.

It's SO great that you are working on your book. I'm so excited, I can't wait! I can hear you typing, click, click!

Grethe ´)

Carolyn said...

That is great news! Arkansas --- beautiful little state and gorgeous clean water has been compromised by farmer waste.

It is an ongoing battle... one I hope 'we' will win ... the love of this planet and clean water.

Rivers where I used to be able to drink from! have been polluted... so sad

Out on the prairie said...

A very nice barrier to use, much more than around here.It is amazing what the government has deemed healthy for us to consume.

Thyra said...

Hello Carolyn, I hope you are well, I have been reading your posts and I admire you for taking this long journey in your big country.

I'm still thinking about what the farmers might do now. Last time they protested they drove their tractors up in front of the government.

Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

I have waited for something like this for many years. Waited for new laws and new initiatives. Are they too late? We might have made chronical damage already. But - it doesn't help to be a pessimist now.

Grethe ´)

Haddock said...

A good move in the right direction?
Like that dancing feet of Fred Astire.

shoreacres said...

Our great Mississippi River carries fertilizers and pesticides galore into the Gulf, not to mention what has been done to smaller rivers and streams across the country.

But awareness is growing - and some damage can be reversed. When I first moved here, no one could, would or should eat the fish from the bay. Now, it is safe, and the air is so much better. One step at a time is a good rule - although we may be at the point where several steps at a time would be better!