Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Visit to Copenhagen

Whenever I go to Copenhagen there are so many places I want to see or see again that it is difficult to chose which one, when you've only got a few days to spare. This time I wanted to see the Glyptotek, founded by Carl Jacobsen (1842-1914), who was one of the greatest art collectors of his time.  Carlsberg Glyptotek has got its name from his brewery, Ny Carlsberg. I suppose you know the Carlsberg beer?

Glyptotek means a collection of sculptures, but the museum has a great collection of paintings too. The sculpture collection is the old Egypt, the antique Greece and Rome and  a collection of Danish golden age painters and Danish and French scuplture. The alternative exhibition this summer is a fine collection of the French impressionists with a main selection of Gauguin - all borrowed from France, and it was this exhibition I wanted to see this time. I had a wish that Sisley and Pissaro would be there. They were. And so were van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Manet, Toulouse Lautrec and much more.

Black Diamond
Well, when I have been in one museum and seen one exhibition then I've got enough for one day. I get tired and I need to digest the impression - this time the impressionists! So - instead we went out in the city of Copenhagen. I know Copenhagen well, have been here many times on week-ends and vacations,

Busy girls...
but the city has really changed much -  like my own hometown Århus. Much has been renovated and there is much new architecture, some of it very exciting, like the National library, called the Black Diamond. There are lots and lots of cafés now, but this is the same in my town and elsewhere. People have annected this trend in Denmark. They "go more out" today, both singles and families. In spite of our difficult weather people want to sit outside with blankets and little heaters at foot of the table. We found a nice café opposite the University, a book-café, and I like those book cafés, I think they are cosy. Books and coffee and talk fit well together. We also found a pretty Italian café in Købmagergade, and I had a good strong coffee and a tiramisu. Mumms! The weather was fine, and we sat outside looking at people streaming by. I like to watch all those people from outside a café. You can see the whole world passing by like at Café de la Paix in Paris.
Bookcafé, University
children photo with the Silver Man
bikes bikes bikes
guy with dog and mobilephone
café guest with a fine boxer..

We were in a couple of Japanese shops in Copenhagen, this was one of our priorities, since we've got no Japanese shops in Århus. We wanted to have a teapot and some tea bowls - and some food articles. There is a fine little shop in one of the old streets, Fiolstræde, called "Sachie", with Japanese food articles, and we bought some Sake and plum wine, Japanese curry etc. Another shop had mostly ceramics, teapots and fine bowls  and kimonos. I know that what we call a kimono has another Japanese name, but I don't remember what. We bought a fine teapot. I wanted some bowls, but I couldn't decide. They were all so pretty. Typical me! A third shop was a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, Thailand and other Asian countries.

The most wellknown street in Copenhagen is Strøget. You really need to walk through Strøget when you are in Copenhagen. If I haven't taken a walk there then I really haven't seen Copenhagen! And then take a walk  to Gråbrødre Torv and Nyhavn, Kongens Nytorv and the Royal Theatre, the four palaces of Amalienborg,  the Opera and the channels, Tivoli , Kongens Have etc. There is so much to see and this time the sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and Copenhagen did show its most lovely face. So it was a good trip.  We "walked the streets thin" and when we got tired we sat down by a café and had a little lunch or a cup of coffee.. But we also wanted to see several places outside Copenhagen, in the countryside of Zealand - and we only had one week in the rented summerhouse at the east coast south of the town Køge, so we had to leave "the rest" of Copenhagen for another visit.

Some cars we saw! The yellow one is a Tesla, and I don't know much about it less than it's an electric luxury car and it is very costy. Found it on the net. About 90.000 dollars. Ouch! The blue one looks like a Buick and the silver grey is certainly a Bentley. What a car! And its' from Georgia. Wonder who's in town!

 And there must also be a room for some of the old streets and houses in Copenhagen. Here is a small collection.

photo Copenhagen June 2012: grethe bachmann
a little Renaissance too



at Nyhavn


Out on the prairie said...

What lovely pictures, your holiday was fun to share.

Thyra said...

Hej Steve, thank you very much, I think I need a little camera, it's difficult to use a big camera close and among many people. Maybe I should have a "spy-camera" for café-visits! ´)


stardust said...

Welcome back, Grethe! You seem to have spent nicely to “digest your impression of the impressionists.” I like the old street: the photo in the header is so atmospheric. I think you could find authentic Japanese things as there are sometimes mixture of cultures: some Western people can’t tell apart Japanese from Korean or Chinese things. I’m curious what you call “kimono”. Kimono is Japanese ethnic garment as you might know. All in all, I’m happy for you that weather was on your side and you had such a wonderful day in Copenhagen to share us these lovely photos.


Thyra said...

Hej Yoko, thank you for your kind words.

I'll have to tell you that in order to get authentic Japanese things my son buys them on the netfrom Japan, and they arrive in two days. He's got some good things now. I might begin too, but they are a little too expensive for my budget!

A kimono is what I call a loose cape with a thin belt, mostly silken and fx with a flower pattern on a black background. (fx to wear in the morning!) I've had one but it was worn out.

Your authentic ethnic kimono is the special one with the little fine "bag" on the back, isn't it? I saw a documentary where young girls went to a course to learn how to dress in such a garment. The course took several weeks.

I've got a Japanese fashion magazine with lots of pretty kimonos but the writing is in Japanese! and Japanese is very difficult!! ´)


Teresa Evangeline said...

I missed this post! Wonderful photos of the streets and such. My brother and his wife went to Copenhagen many months ago and really enjoyed it. It looks like a good city to explore.

Wanda..... said...

What wonderful sights of Copenhagen you have shown us, through your lovely photos, Grethe. I loved the street scenes with the buildings and their colorful walls full of windows!

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! I forgot to tell you in the other post: yes, it is my son in the photos on the hill!
I hope your brother and wife had a good time in Copenhagen and felt welcome. I've got a photo of a tourist boat on the channel in Copenhagen I think I'll put it on the Copenhagen-post too.
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Hello Wanda! Nice to see you! ´)
I'm sure you would enjoy to walk these old streets. The colours are so pretty, but sometimes there are too many cars in the old streets! I like the looks of the old windows which open out instead of most modern windows. I know that many old apartments are renovated now, they are expensive, but they look like a new house inside, although they have kept their "old touch". If I won the Lotto I would buy a flat in C.!!
Have a nice time!
Grethe `)