Thursday, July 19, 2012

Umbrellas and D-vitamin........

Umbrella's death 17 July 2012.
It seems that we were really lucky with some good summer-days  in our vacation in June. July has been very rainy and with moisty heat and thunder and lightning  - and today the weather-prophet said that if you want to see a water spout, then there is a possibility for it today. I don't imagine it is a tornado? because this is something much worse, isn't it. I once saw a water spout coming from the sea on a summer's day by the beach many years ago, it looked very threatening. But it is not a usual thing here. Yet.  I've seen TV-broadcasts from US  where you've got some large dangerous tornados, which cause some terrible damage.

Well I'll return to the present situation. A doctor was in the radio this morning telling us that we have had too little sun this summer - this means that we'll be easier exposed to diseases this winter. "So go out and find the sun", he said. Oh yes, that's easy for him to say. I'm always looking for the sun, but I can't remove that big cloud coming there pouring buckets of water down upon my innocent head, and a capricious wind tearing my umbrella apart. I came home wet as a drowned mouse the other day with running hair and a torn umbrella and a shopping bag with wet food and newspaper.

This morning  I went out and enjoyed fifteen minutes of sunshine. Now there are clouds all over again. I'll wait for the sun this afternoon, and if I discover the smallest beam of sunshine I'll run out and catch it.

The problem, he said, the doctor, is that you'll get too little D-vitamin . Don't we all know?  but it is okay to be reminded about it.  So it might be necessary to take some of my cod liver oil with D-vitamin soon. Let's see. We might get an Indian summer. I'll keep an eye on the sun. It won't escape!


Teresa Evangeline said...

This is such a good post. My condolences on the death of your umbrella. Thanks for sharing that bit of your wet day with us.

Indian summer awaits!

Out on the prairie said...

I have been in bad weather having a waterspout come very close to where I was camping.

Wanda..... said...

We entered July with almost drought conditions, but the last 3 weeks have been just like yours...thunderstorms, high winds and humidity. Here tonight, I can hear thunder in the distance now, after having had 2 storms earlier this morning. The sun did manage to shine for awhile this afternoon though.

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda, all those thunderstorms! The air might be very fresh after this. It was sunny this morning and I was ready to go out, but now it's raining cats and dogs.
It's fantastic to look at the weather animations on the net-forecast. If you look at the whole clode then it's completely surrounded by clouds whirling about.
And if I look at the Denmark-animation lots of clouds are on their way! ´(

In the old days people believed in omens, today we know what's coming!
What's best?
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Hej Steve, it was good that you weren't blown away by that water spout. In Danish it is called a skypumpe = a cloud-pump.
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Thank you Teresa, I'm glad that you promise us an Indian summer. I'll look forward to that!

I have though about adopting a new umbrella. The only one which might handle the storms is one of those big umbrellas the English gentlemen have, those who walk in swarms across the bridge in London on their way to the Parlament! But there is no room for it in my bag. And if I'm running around with a thing like that I might kill people.

Have a nice week-end all of you!
Grethe `)