Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Café Alrø - a funny Café upon a small Island...........

Café with Menu, Museum, Galleri and Summerflowers.

Upon the small island Alrø is a quite special café and restaurant. The island lies in Horsens fjord with two other islands Hjarnø and Vorsø nearby, Hjarnø has a ferry to the nearby little harbour Snaptun and Vorsø is a protected island with no public access.

Alrø has a dam to the northern coast of Horsens fjord at Sondrup. There is one trafifc road through the island and the café lies in the western end near the ferry place with a little ferry to Snaptun, only meant for  hikers and bikers.

The Café Alrø has been established by some very creative people. It's an entertaining place to visit with various funny and interesting things The café is also known for its good menu. One special dish is extremely popular, it's and old Danish dish, tartlet with chicken in asparagus sauce. Sold portions are counted each year. Upon the island is another restaurant, a gourmet restaurant by the traffic road, "Møllegården". Café Alrø and Møllegården open in the summer season. See the links.  

Café Alrø 

Restaurant Møllegården

The owners love cows - here is the red -white..... actually  Dannebrog
the café seen from entrance
seven young artists have decorated the island and the café.
 - and here's the old black-white race.........
a Highland cow made by paper bags.
singing rock
people playing krolf!

old couple on the bench are models of a married couple from Alrø
keys in small museum
old weight -  in Denmark's smallest museum
old washing roll
rusty bike with scenting lathyrus

artificial swallowtail kept flying (not tethered) with solar energy.
singing rock etc. at the yard
summerflowers were everywhere.

voliere with canaries.

girl playing with ring game.

photo August 2013: grethe bachmann


Carolyn said...

I love this ... the singing rock! hahaaa

Always interesting... and beautiful photography.

Was the swallowtail tethered? or just floated freely ... how beautiful.

stardust said...

I’d like to taste the tartlet with chicken in asparagus sauce in person, enjoying the unique, creative arts. Your new header shows how your summer is beautiful. Have happy days ahead, Grethe.


Thyra said...

Hej Carolyn, yes, I forgot to say that the butterfly is not tethered. There were two butterflies flying freely around some flowers.
The singing rock (rock is a much better name than stone- I have changed it!) - there were seven rocks with different figures, one with a strange flat mermaid, another with two geese( there are lots of geese on alrø in winter) another with a funny pig etc.- similar rocks were also placed along the traffic road. I think those creative people are good for this little island which has been "dead" for some years. Creative people can change things!
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

hej Yoko, I'm going to Cafe Alrø on my birthday - it is not far from Århus - to have this "legendary" tartlet. I have heard so much about it - and now I want to know if it is so good. And we'll have to go before summer season is over! The summer has flown away hasn't it? I see that you've got a heat wave where you live. It has been warmer here, but not that much.
Also happy days to you.
Grethe `)