Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ravning Bridge, Vejle River Valley

Viking Period
The Ravning Bridge

The Ravning Bridge is a bridge from the Viking period, built in oak in ab 979 at the same time as Trelleborg, Fyrkat, Aggersborg and Nonnebakken, all being counted to Harald Bluetooth's ruling period. Seemingly they lost their military significance and fell into decay after ab. 5 years of use. The Ravning bridge was discovered in 1953; it is situated 10 km south of Jelling in Vejle River Valley and has a natural connection to the longitude road of Middle Jutland, called Hærvejen (The Army Road) and to the old roads southwards. The bridge is 760 metres long and 5 metres broad, and the building was characterized by an impressing accuracy. The sequences of the bridge only differed up to 5 cm from a straight line.

photo 240307: grethe bachmann

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