Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Small Lake, a Beach and a Forest with Orchids

A small lake lies downside a church hill with an old stone dike. This is a place where you can find plants which has grown here since centuries ago - living relicts from the past.  There's a rattle in the rush, two ducks fly across and over in a corner. That's odd. Ducks are usually not shy to people, but they have possibly a nest nearby. They do not live in the duck house in the middle of the lake. No matter how many duck-houses people put up in village ponds and small local lakes the ducks are not interested. Wrong architects maybe?

The Escargot

The uncultivated border outside the church dike is listed, and it is against the law to spray pesticide here (although some do). And here are often small bushes where the little birds can live. It's a good place for finding special plants. And look - here is a relict plant, the poisonous yellow Greater Celandine, which was a medicine  and dye-plant, used against  eye- and liver diseases and in dyeing, where it gave fine blue and yellow colours. Greater Celandine  is also a fine indicator for that here was once a medieval garden. Nearby shows another visitor from the old days his face. The Burgundy snail, Roman snail, edible snail or known in cooking as the Escargot. This snail was popular in the Middle Ages, since it was not regarded as meat, so the monks were allowed to eat it during lent. The concentration of this snail is often seen around old manors and closters, or by old ruins. Today is it listed in Denmark in the extent that commercial gathering is not allowed out in the nature.

The lake is divided in two parts, and the second part is a little larger with some cosy village houses along the edge. One of the houses is charming with a vigorous lilac leaning up the wall and the thatched roof. In the garden by the country road is a beautiful elm tree. An elm with fruits wakes up some memories from my childhood. Yes, just laugh! I'm growing old, thinking about my childhood!! Did you ever eat those elm-fruits called manna? We did. In the park at home was an old elm tree. I don't think we children had too little food at home. Maybe we needed some vitamins from the manna? And it tasted good as far as I remember! And when you walk by the lake there is often a small boat hiding among the rush, this one is apparently well cared for with paint, but when is it used? Waiting for a complete angler who's out in the early morning or the late evening, for fishing trouts - or pikes. The pike is a dangerous fish for the little ducklings. The ducks live fortunately in the small lake with no pikes.

How rude! Almost all cows turned their back. Wouldn't talk! The next stop was at a fishing village Bønderup, which is a lively place in the summer season. Right now is it quite silent and desolate. There are still a few fishing boats, but just ten years ago was here an active fishing harbor. It's not always an easy task to be a fisher. To men were out digging worms for some fishing from a row boat I suppose. The windmills are overall in the Danish lanscape, inland and by the coast. Green energy. The small holiday houses are awaiting the summer guests. Next month is here overpopulated and you'll have to queue to get an ice cream.

The last stop was a small forest close to home,where I had only been once on a winter's day. It's a little strange, for I always want to see places a little far from home. Although the distances in Jutland are small compared to your distances abroad like in Britain and the USA, then a usual tour of ours takes a day. There is time enough to see the nearby places in winter! The forest had such a lovely May-meadow with lots of various flowers, but I'll try to restrict myself to a few pictures. There were thousands of broad-leaved  marsh-orchids in the meadow and my photo does no justice to the sight. A few years ago it began with a few of those beautiful purple orchids in this place, and now, after nature care there are thousands. It's a miracle. Nature is so generous when we allow it to be. A walk through the forest under the ever dripping raindrops  -  a look at the sweet woodruff with white miniflowers. This herb gives one of the finest and most elegant light green herbal snaps! The rain grew worse and now it was time to go home.............

photo May 2011: grethe bachmann


Teresa Evangeline said...

Oh Grethe, this is so nice. I Love your photo in the header, the lilacs against the wall. My favorite, though, is the red and white boat almost hidden among the tall grass at the edge of the lake. I made it my desktop background photo. I hope you don't mind. I just love it.

It's wonderful to be on a walk with you again. The rain drove us home... :)

Wanda..... said...

Nice tour of the lake, field, harbor and forest, Grethe. Your photos are lovely...I can imagine how beautiful the meadow of broad-leaved marsh-orchids were...I've posted photos of the hillsides covered with spring flowers that don't seem to do them justice either. Happy to see you posting!

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! Thank you so much. And I'm glad that you like that photo and you're always welcome to use every photo of mine. I really don't mind.

Hej Wanda! I'm so glad to be here again and hear from you after a long pause. You have also noticed this strange thing that a field or a meadow can be swarming with lovely flowers and you think the photo will be so great and then the beauty isn't seen. The camera is still not as good as our own fantastic eyes!

Cheers to you both!
Grethe ´)

Kittie Howard said...

Beautiful photos, Grethe. The colors are so lush. I love that lilac tree. When we visited our friends outside Stockholm, they had a huge lilac tree in their backyard. Gorgeous! But I'm so happy that snail can plod along and not end up in someone's tummy! We were in Jutland once in very early spring. Not many people. By chance, we returned in July - oh, people everywhere! It seemed like a festival!!

Thyra said...

Hello Kittie! There's something wrong with the blogs right now. The links within have disappeared and there are problems with the side-boards (followers and blogs I follow etc.)

Hej Kittie! Thank you for your comment. Colours of May and first of June are the best of the year.
Yes, there are lots of people in July. Everyone is on vacation. Actually you're right about the festival too. Nearly all summer-festivals are in July!! Also the music-festival in Skagen! Maybe that's where you were, Kittie!
It's summer here now. Finally. The first real summer's day was yesterday, Sunday. Lovely!

atelier iren said...

Oh,I looove the picture of the house with the lilac!
And I also like very much this blog,I am glad I have discovered it.