Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea

Aarhus June 2011
A Taste of Denmark

Children on their way to the exhibition.

Childrens' Workshop

Ferreiro Badra, Spain - Kinetic Interference

The Glue Society, Australia - I wish you hadn't asked.
Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Australia, "Counter"
The exhibition in Aarhus, Sculpture by the Sea, was inspired by an exhibition at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, which the Danish crownprince Frederik and crownprincess Mary saw in 2000. They were fascinated by this spectacular exhibition and became source of inspiration for the local exhibition upon the beach in Aarhus, which was shown the first time in 2009. They are now the patrons of Sculpture of the Sea in 2011. 

In the first part of the exhibition is a special arrangement for the children with workshops for both children and families - and the first little stretch with children-friendly sculptures.  An old tug boat from Aarhus Harbour was re-built into a wheel-boat. Upon the boat are several binoculars, and people can take a trip and look at the sculptures from the sea.                                                                                                                                                                                              
Hilde A. Danielsen , Norge, Upside Down II

Jørn Carlo Larsen, Danmark, Ombygning
Hugh Ramage , Australia - Dazzle Bathers, Harlequin , X-Man.

The beach in Århus runs in a long curve along the bay - and the stretch for the exhibition is about 3 km, which gives a perfect background for the various sculptures. Along the beach are exciting works by the artists. Upon the sand in the water. Up in trees. In the last part of the stretch runs a path up through the forest close to the sea where sculptures are placed in the forest. The artists come from all over the world. Some of the sculptures are for sale. Århus is now allowed to keep one of the sculptures - there is a voting which has not yet been closed. In the Helnan Marselis Hotel by the beach is an exhibition with small works of the artists. Those works are all for sale.

Phil Price, New Zealand - Nucleus.

Marianne Jørgensen, Danmark - Sky
Raquel Corona Justo, Mexico - Observando la Fantasia
Kent Karlsson, Sweden- Spectacle Agnostico

Tim Prentice, USA - Easel Windframe

Lunch time

A Sisyphos problem?
Sasha Reidt and Dominique Sutton  , Australia - Melt
Suzie Bleach and Andy Townsend, Australia - The adaptable Migrant.
Chen Weng Ling, China - Red Memory - Shy Boy.

Hannah Kidd, New Zealand - Bruno the cycling Bear.
Mehdi Yarmohammadi, Iran , AVISHAN Sculptor Group - The Bird. 
Andrew Rogers, Australia - From Optimism to Hope.
Ilan Sandler, Canada - Beach Chair.

Hannah Streefkerk, Holland - Jellyfishes

Michael Hischer, Germany - Wv282, Kinetic Sculpture
Marcus Tatton, Australia -Quantum Sequestion
Mum, my shoe fell off!
Children on the beach. 
Toshio Iezumi, Japan - M.110401
Kent Karlsson, Sweden - Spectacle Agnostico
Elderly people are also here, this  walk is IN!

Bjørn Godwin, Australia - Nothing to see here, keep moving along...,

It helps to enlarge the photos. PS: It rains inside the house where they come out wearing yellow raincoats.

photo Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus 28. June 2011: grethe bachmann


Thyra said...

Thank you for your comment, Wanda! I had to make a new post of this - and the comment from you disappeared. Sorry.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Grethe, this is wonderful! Sculpture by the sea. Even the sound of it is magical. I enjoyed your photos and their captions very much.

Thyra said...

Thank you Teresa. I think it was so exciting to go there in this lovely weather and see it all. It was the first day I could walk a long trip without trouble. It was a celebration!
Grethe ´)