Monday, June 27, 2011

Seven Sleepers - and a Relaxed Horse

A very relaxed little horse

The day of the Seven Sleepers is June 27. The original date was July 7., but when the Gregorian calendar was changed in 1582, it was moved 10 days ahead. The old weather omen says that the weather will be like this day for the next seven weeks. If this is true, it's real good from where I stand! It's a lovely summer's day here.

The Seven Sleepers was originally a Catholic holiday. In ab. the year 250 seven young Christian brothers hid in a cave on the mountain Karlion by Ephesos. The Roman emperor Decius had organized a persecution of Christians in 249-251. The Roman soldiers bricked up the cave - and 200 years later some shepherds found and opened the cave. The seven young men woke up for a short moment, but after being told that Christianity had won, they died with peace in their heart.

photo Thy 11062011: grethe bachmann

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