Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boller Castle Park, South of Horsens fjord

The Boller Oak.

Boller Castle

            From the park with the moat, an old tree and water plants.

                          From the rose garden , here is a fine collection of old English roses.

                                            From the fuchsia garden

                                           From the Japanese garden

From the herb garden and the apple orchard
The park at Boller castle south of Horsens fjord has a large collection of plants. Here is a rose-garden, a fuchsia-garden, a herb-garden with kloster plants, an apple orchard, a Japanese garden, here is primrose, and geranium. along the castle-moat are water plants like sweet flag, and big carps live in the water. The park is also known for the old trees. The hollow Boller-oak is ab. 1000 years old and one of the oldest oaks in Denmark - and also one of the thickest. It was once hit by lightning and the top broke off.  It has been hollow for the last 200-300 years, but it seems in spite of its old age to be vigorous and in good growth. In the forest by Boller has been plant progeny from the old oak. The garden is open daily 10-20 from 1. April until 15. October.

photo Boller slotspark: grethe bachmann


Wanda..... said...

The 1000 year old Boller Oak is an enchanting tree, Grethe. All parts of the park are extremely lovely!

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda! thank you so much. Yes I love this garden, especially the roses, I just wish I knew the names of the roses!
It is possible to stand inside the tree! So old. What if it could tell us something!
Grethe `)

Joan said...

What a magic journey with you Grethe. I love the old oak. As a child I dreamed of having a secret hollow tree. Too many Enid Blyton stories I think.

Thyra said...

Hej Joan. Maybe I should read the Enid Blyton stories. I don't quite remember them anymore!!
A fairy tale tells about an old ugly witch in a hollow tree! Uhu.......

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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Thyra said...

Thank you very much Teuvo!