Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Spider in the Cave

Bygholm Vejle
On our holiday tour we had a break by a bird's reserve at Bygholm Vejle in North Jutland, when I noticed a busy spider in front of me. It was a warm day with  lots of tiny flies in the air - and the spider had a great feast, celebrating all that food coming from heaven. He rushed to and fro from his over-filled web into a strange "nest"  - or what it was. It looked as if he had glued together some cotton wool with a blade of grass. He had obviously a cave inside this cotton nest.

I don't know anything about spiders, but this little fellow had really found out how to store his food! And every time he went into the cave the blade of grass bent a little over. What a larder! I wonder if he'll invite some guests for a feast banquet? (click to enlarge to see the flies)

1) I saw suddenly this spider net with little flies

2) The spider was very busy
3) He rushed from the net up to a strange "nest"
4) He entered the cave to store the food maybe?

photo: Birds Reserve, Bygholm Vejle, North Jutland 11 June 2011: grethe bachmann


Teresa Evangeline said...

What an interesting look at a spider's life and a cool nest. Is that a sac full of eggs she's dragging along with her, potential babies? Perhaps she knew she would have some mouths to feed. :)

Thyra said...

I think you're right - the spider is a female with eggs. I hadn't thought of that. Then she'll end up with some fat kids! How many do you think ? I haven't got a clue about spiders. Once I heard about a woman ( a friend of my colleague), who came home from Africa with an ugly spot on her cheek. The doctor had to cut it, and out came a swarm of little spiders. Urghhhhhhh...... makes me freeze!

wordconnections said...

While I've seen nothing as gruesome as what you report about that friend of a colleague, I have from time to time noticed the little shelters that spiders make by folding over part of a plant and keeping it in place with some of their silk.