Sunday, November 06, 2011

And Now to Something Quite Else.....................

I've never heard Zorba's Dance being played like this? I wanna dance!

A young classical violinist, David Garrett, already legendary, plays all kinds of music, and he's on tours with both rock-music and classical music. He's a reason why young people come back to the classical violin concertos.  He's brilliant and he's good looking!

If you've got the time -  it only takes a few minutes!

Zorbas Dance


Anonymous said...

I think the combination of classical and rock is just fantastic! I love those blends. I must check out this composer and violinist. Thanks, Grethe.

Thyra said...

Hej Jack, I have now heard some of the numbers on Youtube from his concerts and they are fantastic. Like Mc Cartney's "Live and let Die" etc.

The dance was in the film "Zorba the Greek", but I don't know if you have seen it. Many, many years ago.

In the 80s we learned to dance the Zorba-dance by Dimitri Pappadopolos,a Greek restaurant owner in Århus. I was never in Greece. We loved his place "Athene", and we had such a good- tasting Ouzo after dinner! Was it before or after the dance? *_*

I love Garret's version of Zorbas Dance. He uses his great talent in an unconventional way.

Grethe ´)

Carolyn said...

Good afternoon, Grethe ́ ;)

Love David Garrett... hadn't heard him playing this before. thanks...

I only had Ouzo once... lol... reeeally powerful! I have gotten in a circle to do the Greek dances ... so much fun... others in the circle were always so helpful to us who knew nothing! but enjoyed that atmosphere... what fun loving people.

Thyra said...

Good afternoon to you too, Carolyn! Isn't he just good! A real charmer too.

I like this Ouzo taste. It's many years since I had a drink of that. The Dance is so happy, and the Greeks are lovely people. And Zorbas Dance yesterday made me feel good. And YOUNG!!! What about you?
Grethe ´)

Teresa Evangeline said...

I was so sure I'd left a comment yesterday... anyway, that is one great violinist and a fun and rousing performance. He's easy on the eyes and ears! ;)

Carolyn said...

Grethe´, I was young then ;)

Maybe I need a shot of Ouzo.... that or the Japanese Sake ... man oh man...

That'll make me dance ... well, I like to dance anyway... ;)

I even took belly dancing once... what fun ... I never could get my little finger cymbals to click in rhythm with m'walking and swishing my belly... hard stuff to do! HAhaaa

quite an experience!

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! yes it is really a fun performance, just the way he starts playing with a teasing smile. I saw a TV-docu about him yesterday evening, thats why I found him. His mother told that t he was a boy of ten when he had his first concert. When the audience saw this small boy - he was little of his age - they started to whisper and giggle. He just stood at the scene wating for them to be quiet. Completely calm.
A dirigent Claudio Abbado said that women love him and men tolerate him! `)

Thyra said...

Hej Carolyn! Belly dancing! They say it is very good for the body, but I understand it is difficult to work with the belly like that, especially if youv'e got more than one ring!! I don't say that you have! It must also have been an experience for others!
Now we're talking about Ouzo, maybe I should buy one for the winter-evenings. It is so dark and gloomy these days.
Have a nice day!

Susan Blake said...

Wonderful entertainment! We are in a gloomy stage now too. Music and lots of lights burning, candles, and pots on the stove with soups and stews get me through the gray blah. It sure is a lot more work than just sitting in sun reading on a nice day!

Thyra said...

Thank you Susan; yes, when I find and lit my candles it's the sign of the dark period we are now going into. And in December lots of candles, and then its time to find the Christmas box with the pixies and all the other stuff.
It sounds very cosy what you say about the pots on the stove, and soup and stew. Uhmmm,good food..
Grethe ´)

Pearl said...

Easy to listen to and easy to look at!


Thyra said...

Hello Pearl! Yes, smooth cocoa for ears and eyes!
Yesterday evening I've listened to more numbers from the Berlin concert (they are the best videos of DG on Youtube). Both classic and rock music in that concert. Garret is coming to Copenhagen in the big "Rock Symphony" tour 20 november. He's in Europe until January - and in USA in January and February.
Grethe ´)