Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Children Say

"World's Best Mom":

First Moms think it's fun to have children, until they can walk.
Nicolai, 10 years.

My mom never drinks beer, and she never smokes. She is only eating salad.
Firat, 8 years.

I want to have a big bum like you, for then I don't fall down into the toilet.
Julie, 3 years,  to her Mom.

It is not that important to have a TV. Because your parents always want to watch something else.
Kasper, 5 years.


"Lovely Children":

Mom, if a baby comes out from your stomach one day, then I think we should tell daddy.
Arthur, 4 years.

Look, I think the weather has gone into pieces...
Thea, 4 years. (about rain)

When it is autumn, the trees take off their clothes and people put on their clothes.
Aurora, 8 (about God)

photo: gb


Wanda..... said...

Years ago, after Granddaughter Katie(about 2) had finished eating ice cream, I said "Let me wipe your face off"...after doing so, she looked concerned and asked..."Is my face gone?"

Thyra said...

Thanks for the laugh, Wanda! That's really funny. Children are so spontaneous. You've got some lovely memories with your grandhchildren.
Grethe ´)

Michael and Hanne said...

Very clever and funny! Smart kids too!

Gerry Snape said...

These are so good...there is such a lovely winsomeness in the innocense of children's sayings. I loved it when as a teacher in first year primary school..I had some of these super sayings.

Marilyn said...

I love these ...children are priceless :-)
I am looking forward to when my wee granddaughter can talk.

Out on the prairie said...

so nice to listen what all have to say.

Thyra said...

Michael and Hanne,
-yes,they are really smart, those little people!

Gerry - super sayings, that's a good expression - and it must be a good experience to be a teacher for small children. Maybe you've collected some sayings?

Marilyn - I remember such a cute photo of her recently. She'll soon begin to talk!

Yes Steve, I love to do that too. I have got no grandchildren. That's why I interfere with others!

Thank you all for coming here!
Good Morning!
Grethe ´)