Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mid Jutland, Lake District, Dusty Rain in November

A Taste of Denmark

This hedgerow  is from the second  week of November and almost all trees and bushes have lost their leaves now. It is early, compared to the previous years. It's one of those days where the sky is thick and grey, but where the colours are soft and blurred like in one of those English paintings which I like so much. Some British movies have caught that atmosphere in the landscape.

You probably know those  traffic circles. Various towns have created various traffic circles. This town, Ry, has chosen stones for the circle. They don't grow into a wilderness like some bushy circles do. If a town has a conncetion to a famous man, fx like Piet Hein, they place his super ellipse and super egg in traffic circles at the entrance to the town, a huge super ellipse and super egg, looking like they are made in solid silver. I'm not sure which town, maybe it's Skjern in West Jutland. The other little picture is a pretty villa at the top of a green hill in Ry, an expensive residential neighboorhood. 

But I'm not looking for a stay in town, I want to go out into the countryside, although the air is dripping with tiny rain drops. In Danish we call it "støvregn" (dusty rain) - you say drizzling. It must not grow into rain. I don't have a water camera. I know that photographers pack their camera into plastic, but I'm not a professional photographer. I can make a day without taking photos -  or I might take a photo from inside the car if necessary!

A path through a ploughed field. That dark umbra of the newly ploughed field is so warm. Don't worry about winter! December is a warm like umbra with lots of candles in the house and Christmas preparations. A tall bush in silhouette upon the little hill, waving with its twigs and branches. I cannot see what kind of bush, but it is perfect at that place, isn't it. Taking a closer look -  it might be a hawthorn.  

As usual on our way into the Lake district of Mid Jutland we pass the village Vrads with the little white church and the field with the Jutland horse. Usually I have a little chat with this horse, but not today. There are always three horses in this field, and the Jutland horse is the most curious. It has the most lovely friendly eyes under the thick  forelock. It looks as if it has got a haircut.

First destination was a path through a nature reserve, but we had to walk across the road to the lake instead. The soil was so muddy and smooth that we were sliding along the path like on ice skates. The lake was beautiful. The water was like the oh so often described mirror, and the farthest corner looked like a Norwegian mountain lake, dark and black. Everything was silent. Even the cows on the other side of the lake. They were only staring. Sweet cows. The resting place was not for use that day. Too wet. But we bring our folding chairs. Looking across the lake in a coffee break is not the worst thing to do for a cool Jutlander! I don't think you know the verse about the Jutlanders, and it is impossible to translate, but a Jutlander "he's strong and tough, and whether things go up or down you'll never see him being lost!" I'm not sure it fits with me - although I'm a born Jutlander!   
Cammock leaves by the lake

The next place on our little tour was at Klostermølle. On the way we passed the meadow where trees and bushes have been removed to give place for birds. Many geese are grazing here in winter. A tree is left in the middle of the meadow and the buzzard usually sits here, watching for prey, but today the tree has been occupied by a humble crow. We're always looking for the kingfisher by the water stream - there is a big channel and water mill at Klostermølle, built by the Benedictine monks in the early Middle Ages, but I have made some posts about this before. I like this place. We did not see the kingfisher, and if we had then this little bird is extremely quick. I haven't caught a useful photo yet. You'll just see a blue metallic glimpse ahead of you, and then it comes back a little later, always like a little blue lightning. Such a little tease!  And I haven't got the patience to wait for a perfect shot. The watermill at Klostermølle lies by one of Denmark's largest lakes, Mossø, and the shores of this lake
 are among the loveliest places I know. The trees along the lake are so pretty, I hope they will keep healthy so they don't have to fall. Here was once a fine kloster, and I can easily imagine the monks walking around here. The place is so peaceful, and today every sound is like covered in a soft woolen blanket.

The weather gets more and more dusty with rain and this soft-coloured photo looks like a painting.


Twilight came, and there was a sudden glow behind the forest until darkness fell completely. The days are short...........

photo Mid Jutland November 2011: grethe bachmann

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Carolyn said...

Hi Grethe ́ I'm far behind in blog reading since I began traveling a week or so ago...

What beautiful scenery...

"Usually I have a little chat with this horse, but not today." HAhaaa love that...

I had to google Jutland... I have never heard of this. Wiki says...

"The northern peninsula that juts out in Northern Europe toward the rest of Scandinavia, forming the mainland part of Denmark. It has the North Sea to its west, Kattegat and Skagerrak to its north, the Baltic Sea to its east, and the Danish–German border to its south."

Love reading about your corner of the world!

Marilyn said...

This is an especially lovely post, I don't know why it is more lovely than your others, as I always enjoy your posts. I think this one has a gentleness - the photos are soft and misty in your 'dusty' rain and words words match so well.

Thyra said...

Hej Carolyn! One of our actors once wrote that Jutland is the best land (land meaning country in Danish) in the world! But notice! This is said by a Dane. "A mother always love her own little pigs the most". I would ove to see allo other countreis but there is no time and no money for this! It's good to follow the bloggers here and see their beautiful places without having to take a plane. I don't want to fly!!
I hope you are well. I'll just have to look at your other comment with Hagar now and the Vikings in Ireland!
The Jutlander
Grethe ´)

Thyra said...

Hej Carolyn, thank you so much for your kind words. I don't know, it's like the nature is so gentle in a weather like this, not like in spring and summer where it tells you: look at me - am I not beautiful?
Grethe ´)

Wanda..... said...

Such a relaxing read, Grethe, loved: "today every sound is like covered in a soft woolen blanket"...we're having a similar quiet (dusty rain) here this morning ourselves. I had just come back from dropping gandsons off at school and had taken a photo of the misty morn!

Joan said...

Beautiful pictures Grethe...and words to go with them. Makes me want to go breathe in country air too, in a 'dusty' rain. I've always loved the idea of Irish 'soft'rain.

Thyra said...

Thank you Wanda!
Maybe it's dusty weather everywhere these days!
I know you are preparing for Thanksgiving in USA, and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving with your family on Thursday. ´)

Thyra said...

Hej Joan. "Irish soft rain" that sounds good. They've got much rain in Ireland, and on the western coast of Ireland it rains almost each day doesn't it? That's why Ireland is the green island.
Thank you for your beautiful posts about Italy.
Grethe ´)