Thursday, November 03, 2011

Borre Knob, at the Southern Coast of Horsens Fjord.

Conference Center Schur

The peninsula Borre Knob at the mouth of Horsens Fjord is surrounded by the islands Alrø, Vorsø and Hjarnø, a very beautiful location. Here was a farm and an orchard. The fruit was stacked in boxes in the wings of the farm and there were horses in the stable. A consul Axel Schur liked the place and bought the farm - and with the farm followed the peninsula Borre Knob. He lived here with his family for some years until he decided that oher people should enjoy this beautiful place.

The farm was established as a guest house for Schurs packaging companies. The buildings were restored and recreated into beautiful facilities with modern comforts. The place got the name Schur Conference Center and became a great success. Business people come here to find new inspiration and enjoy the serenity, the surroundings and the good food. A part of the old orchard still exists.

They have been in the blog before.
Marsh Daisy
Borre Knob
Borre Knob, view to Horsens fjord

The center offers as something new various activitites, used as a break in the course period or as an event in connection to private parties - and it's amazing how much. There is archery, axe throwing (oh my god, isn't that dangerous among amateurs?), mountainbike in special  tracks, orienteering, air gun,  race with RC , off road in go-carts, team skiing (wooden ski!!), mine field, Viking game, King's game. Well, they are really on their way to become effective business men. Not very elaxing activities.

Source: Conference Center Schur. 

photo Borre Knob May 2011: grethe bachmann

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