Monday, January 12, 2009

Iron Age Fashion/ Hairstyle/ Frisurer i Jernalderen

Silkeborg Museum, Jutland

Some hair styles from a comprehensive Iron Age exhibition in Silkeborg Museum, Jutland. Many findings from the Iron Age makes it possible to imagine how people looked and how they were dressed in that period.

The exhibition is constructed around artefacts and replicas, fx textiles and clothing. In a heath, Lønne Hede by Varde was in an Iron Age burial found a young girl who wore a pretty dress in blue and red colours. The blue colours came from the plant vajd (Isatis tinctora)and bands and edges were in fine red-blue patterns. The blouse on this reconstructed model is kept together with jewelry pins which were found upon a burial place in Vinding ab. 20 km south of Silkeborg. The dress to the right is a reconstruction of a dress worn by a woman who was found in a moor, Huldremosen at Djursland . Her clothes were a cape of sheep skin and a woolen skirt woven in a fine check pattern.

Link: Silkeborg Museum

photo Silkeborg Museum 10/1-2009: grethe bachmann, Silkeborg Museum, Mid Jutland


Mante said...

Hey Thyra,
do you happen to know whether the hairstyles were dated more exactly when generic ironage? and do you know whether there is more information (or pictures) of the diverse hairstyles?

Thank you for your help and time!


Thyra said...

Hello Manthe, thank you for your interest and your question. I
I have searched and found something which you might use.
If you google:

" frisurer i jernalderen"

then you'll find some links.
Take fx the link named:

"Kvindens haar som offer"

It's a pdf-document with much information and dating about Iron Age (and Bronze Age) hairdos. ( and some drawings) It is a a long article and in Danish. You 'll have to translate it via Google translate.

And if you choose to look at pictures on the search
"frisurer i jernalderen"
- then notice pinterest where Maria has shown some photos (she has also used my photos I've noticed!)

You can also find a link to the National Museum.

And try:
"Tollundmanden and Ellingkvinden"

"Silkeborg Museum"

I hope you'll find what you need.

Kind regards
Grethe aka Thyra ´)