Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hald Sø and Dollerup Bakker, Viborg, Mid Jutland

My dear brother Kai  took a photo of me at Hald in September 1999. See the tower in the background.

 The landscape at Hald Sø and Dollerup Bakker is one of the most lovely places I know. I have been there so often, also because it is not too far away for a day's tour out - and I have now collected some photos from both summer and autumn trips.

Hald sø is one of the deepest lakes in Denmark and there are 12 fish-species living in the lake. A special attraction for the sportsfisher is the sea trout. There is also a rich bird life, at the lake breed Great Crested Grebe, Grey Wagtail and King Fisher, and in the winter comes the Dipper. The Osprey visits the place during migrations and Common Merganser is resting here in winter. In the forests are among many other birds Black Woodpecker, Hawfinch and Mistle Trush.

plucking cowberry

The Raven

Along the slopes of the lake on the Inderø are 300 year old beeches. In the forest floor grows among others Wavy Hairgrass together with May Lily, Hairy Wood-rush and White Anemone. Here at Hald is also a beautiful  oak wood  (Hald Ege) with 200-300 year-old crooked oak trees. Many trees are hollow and they create a perfect home for hole-brooding birds. In the open places in Hald Ege grow blueberry, cowberry and heather. In the listed heath area in Dollerup Bakker are crowberry, heather and sparse juniper bushes. From the top of the top of the heather hills is a magnificent view across the landscape with the lake down below. A part of the heath is a rest of the old Jutland heath (Alheden). In order to keep the heath open trees are removed before they grow big. There are traces from the old  Army Road/Oxen road (Hærvejen)  at Mostgård bæk (brook) in the shape of an old sunken road where a stony ford lead across the water. The sunken roads often came into existence, where many horsemen and heavy wagons used the same wheel tracks down slopes to fords and bridges. The loose earth was then brought downwards with the rain, and the road grew gradually several meters deep. North of the brook is a ravine called Kapeldalen; the name refers to a chapel  which stood here in the Middle Ages by a sacred spring and a resting place along the Army road.

Five Manors at Hald sø.
From the early Middle Ages was a manor here at Hald sø. The present Hald is the fifth in a row. The first Hald lies now as a castle bank, Brattingsborg, from the 1300s. The second Hald was the famous Niels Bugge's fortificated castle, and it lies as a circular plan opposite Niels Bugge's Kro (Inn and Restaurant).  The third Hald was built by the powerful Viborg-bishop Jørgen Friis in the 1500s, it lies as a ruin with the rest of a tower on a land tongue in the lake. The fourth Hald was built on 1703. Here is now a park and only two white pavillons are the left-over from this manor. The present Hald was built in 1789. The name is Hald Hovedgård and it is today used as am writers-and translation-center. In the old barn is a museum with an exhibition  of the nature and history of the district. In a stable building is a Nature education center.

Dollerup Bæk is a small brook, but it is an important water supply for the lake and for the large sea trouts. the water is clear and here grows Water cress and  Water crowfoot. a small frail wooden bridge leads across the water. a flock of goats are grazing in the fine soft grass under the shadows of some beautiful trees. A Common Blue butterfly is seen. And a buzzard.

Some sweet horses stand by the road. they are curious and would like to talk. A little girl and her father on bikes are passers by. Maybe they would like to talk. the little girl is all joy. This horse is a friendly companion. She'll probably again pester her father when they come home. the only thing I want for my birthday is a horse....! just a guess, I don't know this little girl, but I'm sure it is a good guess! 

The  gravel road, which is also a passage for cars, although narrow, passes the horses and the brook up in a wonderful landscape at Testrupvej with green hills and another great view  down to Hald sø.  The weather is mild and sunny, and it has been a good day.    

photo Hald and Dollerup Summer and Autumn 1999/2006/2007/2008/2009: grethe bachmann. 
photo Hald Sø 1999: Kai Bachmann Møller


Joan said...

Oh thank you Grethe for the wonderful visit to your glorious land.. I'm just off to do it again!

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a nice montage of photos. Little girls do love horses. Big girls, too. :) I can feel the wind blowing on the ponies faces. The sun dappled road is so inviting... and I really like the photo of you walking along the water. It has a nice feel to it. Thank you for taking us along...

Thyra said...

Hej Joan! Thank you. I'm glad you like to take a trip through the landscape. I long back to the place while I'm sitting here in the evening finishing the post. Rain and showers outside. But it will be better on Saturday! `)

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa1 She was so sweet that little girl and I think she found it difficult to say goodbye to the friendly horses. Thank you for your kind words about my post. Have a nice day over there in Minnesota!
Grethe `)

Gerry Snape said...

What a great post...another glimpse into such a beautiful country. Are cowberries edible? and if so do you cook with them? I've never heard of them before...which is fun, as it's nice to find something new!

Thyra said...

Thank you Gerry! Cowberries taste really good, they give the most wonderful jam. (good for a game-dish) We call them tyttebær, in Sweden lingonbær. I think you might find them in a heath where you live ? They should not be confused with crowberries, which are black and do not taste so good, but they are fine in a snaps.
Grethe `)

Wanda..... said...

So many of your photos look like beautiful paintings. Loved the rolling hills, the carved stump and brook with the small frail wooden bridge. Thanks for the lovely tour, Grethe.

Thyra said...

Hello Wanda! I once was on a school of painters for some years, but I had to stop because they used terpentine at that time. Allergy! When I'm out, I try to look at the landscape as if it was a painting, so I'm very glad that you say this. The carved stump was a little chair like a child's chair. I've got some difficulties in adding texts to the photos, the photos jump up and down among my texts, and at last I get so hysterical that I give it up.
I'm looking forward to your next tour!
Grethe `)

Marilyn said...

As always I have enjoyed this visit to Denmark through your photos and words but I think this is an extra special visit; it is such a lovely area. Like you, I too can imagine that little girl asking for a horse, my daughter was just like this! Thank you for all your wonderful photos and for telling me about this place.

Thyra said...

Thank you so much, Marilyn. I like this place and look forward to the next trip. The stork has come to Denmark yesterday, this is a sign of spring!
I look out for your photos on Beautiful World each day!
Grethe ´)

Kittie Howard said...

Gracious, I hadn't a clue cowberries and lingonberries are the same. Love them! We go through a lot. Thank heavens for IKEA! (Lingonberry jam looks easy to make but I don't think so. Those berries have to come out just right.) And thank heavens for your cows...I got hungry (oh, dear) and went into the kitchen and cut a lovely slice of Danish cheese and spread a bit of Lingonberry on top and yummmm! wish I had some of your trout...our friends served a raw trout that looked like salmon and tasted like a bite of heaven. OMG! Delicious!

Your photos are beautiful, as always. I especially enjoyed how you captured the light on the green. Felt as though I was walking along. The little blue butterfly is precious!

And thank you for the history. You have such a deep, rich history.

Thyra said...

Wauw Kittie, that cheese and lingonberry sounds delicious! I love lingonberry/cowberry, and it fits weel for a good cheese.

It's really good to see you back here.

The blue butterfly was for you, I remember your fascination of the Blue! Thank you for nice words. I have been prevented from being here since last Monday, but it's so nice to see a comment from you.
Have a nice Week-end over there!
Grethe ´)

Katia said...

Hello, greetings from Brazil! I just came from Italy and Holland and I know where I am going on my next vacations: Denmark. Why? "Just" because of your post. I simply loved the pictures and the places. They touched my heart. Thank you!

Thyra said...

Hej Katia! That's great, and you're so welcome to Denmark! I hope you'll have a wonderful time here. Thank you for your sweet comment!
Grethe ´)