Friday, March 11, 2011

What Children Say.......

Japan Cherry

I heard about the earthquake in Japan this morning, and recently we have just witnessed the earthquake in Christchurch in New Zealand and read Joan's posts about it.  It seems that the tsunami from the Japan earthquake means a great danger to the coasts of the Pacific. I hope people can get into safety. 
It is like our blue planete is stressed. I  needed to stress off myself. Then I saw Teresa's post with a video clip of Monty Python, which was hilariously funny. A good idea.
There is storm and rain outside today. The waterstriped windows make it dark inside, and I have had light in all my lamps this afternoon. Tomorrow comes the sun.

Well, I found some funny little  remarks from children. 
(translated from Danish).    


What children say :

Grandma told that when she was little, the girls had to sit with their legs together. Today are people more relaxed, it doesn't matter if you wave a little with your abdomen.

My little brother once asked me what happens when we die. I told him that we'll be buried under a heap of earth, and that the worms will eat our bodies. I think I should have told him the truth. That most of us end up in Hell and burn forever, but I wouldn't make him sorry.

An Old Folks Home is a place, where you keep old people and threaten them to share a room with someone they don't like. They get medicines and hams and each Saturday the have a cake with raisins.
(Lena 5 years)

Eldercare is something the old people have to get used to whatever they like it or not.
(Anna 8 years)

The best thing I like about granddad is that he is himself and does not pretend to be some normal person.
(Per-Ole 6 years)

If the old people could get children that would not be so good. The Old Folks Homes are overloaded already, and imagine, if there were lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren there too. 
(Johannes  8 years)

God owns the sun. He turns it off in the night in order to save the power supply.
(Nicole 5 years)

Now there is an ozone hole in the sky. Then God's floor is no longer airtight, and this can be a problem.
(Mikkel 10 years)

If you dont want to be married anymore, because your husband maybe is more stupid than you thought, then you can be separated as friends.
(7 year old).

A mother-in-law is the punishment you'll have to take if you marry a person you don't know.
(Poul 7 years)

In the old days they thought that the stork came with the babies.Now they have changed into more modern methods.

In the old days were the sex roles not yet invented. The man did not know that the ladies were just as much worth. Today they are given their mother's milk with teaspoons.

When you get married, you give each other a promise of silence. If you do not keep it, you'll get divorced, and then you'll have to share the lamps and the knives, and usually you do not agree who will get the children. Then you'll have to go to a stock broker. He'll decide that one should have the children, the other will get an extra dinner table.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Thank you so much for the laughter. "Out of the mouths of babes." I like the one where you get divorced "because your husband maybe is more stupid than you thought." Apologies to the men out there, but that really tickled my funny bone.

Thyra said...

Hej! Yes! and the granddad who does not pretend to be a normal person. I still laugh when I read it. Children are so wonderful. I loved your Monty Python video.It was just what was needed in the middle of all the tragedy.

turquoisemoon said...

Grethe, tooo funny! Thanks for your search and post. It certainly is needed. xoxox

Thyra said...

Hello Lynn! yes, we need a little laugh!

Wanda..... said...

thanks for the sweet sayings of chidren. I love the one about the Grandad too.

I have a good friend that lives in Kauai...her daughter and infant grandchild live in Tokyo and her mother lives in Christchurch....can not believe the stress of her situation. Haven't heard from her yet.

Thyra said...

Both Tokyo and Christchurch, the two worst places. That's awful Wanda, I hope you'll soon hear from them and that they are okay.If it's via telephone then they said on TV that the telephone-net had broken down in Tokyo. It's like a bad dream with those earthquakes.
Best wishes

Joan said...

Oh I did have a good giggle Grethe! Some of the children went back to their schools in Christchurch today, making do with what is still there after the quake.. and one school had clowns and music to entertain this morning.. laughter is the best thing!

Thyra said...

Hello Joan, yes you are absolutely right. Laughter is so relieving. It is if it can unite us in the middle of chaos.
Grethe `)

CherylK said...

Thanks for the sunny quotes, Grethe. I especially like Nicole's idea that God shuts the sun off at night to save energy! She's probably right!

Thyra said...

She's a very sensible little girl. She's certainly heard some talk about energy! Funny how childrens' minds work.