Thursday, March 10, 2011

Collage of Cattle and Horses for Jack!

Hello Jack! I've taken a collage from my post on the Denmark-blog for you as a comfort in your troubled hours with your bad left knee.  You love cattle and horses and you cannot be with your cattle and horses right now, so this is for you in your ranch and on Sage and Meadow!!

photo: grethe bachmann. 


Teresa Evangeline said...

What a very thoughtful thing to do, Grethe. Just lovely.

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa! Jack has got a great humour and he takes it with a smile, but you know too it is not easy when it hurts and when you don't know how long it takes. I once had to hop on one leg for a half year because of my left knee. That was awful!

swamericana said...

Grethe: I was so laid up I did not comment. This is a beautiful post and you are so kind to have thought of me. I look at these animals and your thoughtfulness in putting on your blog and I realize the world has golden halos. Thank you so much.

Thyra said...

Jack, you really didn't have to comment, for it was just a little greeting! You love horses and cattle and you've got so much to do with them. I envy you that you are so close to them. It must be wonderfull.
Grethe ´)