Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fish keeps the brain sharp ....

News about Health

New studies from USA have concluded that fish keeps the brain sharp. It is not news that fish keeps the brain sharp however, it is the way we prepare our fish, which makes the difference in relation to prevent dementia. If you eat baked or cooked fish at least once a week, you'll have a five times lesser risc of developing Alzheimer's demens - over a five year period. The test from USA has proved that persons who did eat baked or cooked fish at least once a week, had more grey mass in the regions of the brain, which are involved in memory and learning. The test persons who had fried fish, had in return seemingly no protection against the feared disease.

source: Nyt om sundhed; Søndags Sundhedspanel, Kvindemagasinet Søndag, 2012.

photo 11 March 2007: angler at Djursland's coast, grethe bachmann


Gerry Snape said... of my mother's favourite sayings...."brain food"!!!

Thyra said...

Hello Gerry! Your mother must be a wise lady!

I like fish, but I especially like fried fish. So I'll have to be more creative about my fish-dishes!

Have a nice week-end Gerry!

Grethe ´)

Kittie Howard said...

I'm going to buy some fish today -- to bake tonight. My brain needs a boost!

Thyra said...

Hej Kittie, and what do you like? Cod or salmon or plait. It's just that I like fried fish the best, but down in the bin with that temptation!! I have just found some recipes today on baked and cooked fish.

Our brains will be so clever! Hehem!!

Grethe ´)