Sunday, June 01, 2008

Honey Buzzard/ Hvepsevåge

Pernis apivorus

Honey Buzzard, Jernhatten, Djursland

The Honey buzzard, sometimes known as the 'pern', is despite the buzzard-name related closer to the kite than to the true buzzard (Buteo). It is a summer migrant to most of Europe and western Asia, wintering in Africa. In Denmark were ab. 650 breeding honey buzzards in the year 2000.

It is mainly living on larvae and nests of wasps, although it will take other small prey. The Danish name hvepsevåge refers to its eating wasps. The Latin apivorus means bee-eater.
It has larger and longer wings than common buzzard, a longer neck with a small head and a longer tail.

This week-end was a big migration of honey buzzards in the wellknown migration places in Jutland.(esp. Skagen & Djursland)

photo 310508: stig bachmann nielsen, Naturplan Foto

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