Sunday, February 08, 2009


Vejle Museum of Art /
Vejle Kunstmuseum

A special exhibition in Vejle Kunstmuseum is STREETART which takes its starting point in the graffiti as it is seen in the public area, but also in streetart in general. Most artists at the exhibition are former graffiti-painters. The artists are Anders Reventlov Larsen, Clean, Frodo Mikkelsen, HuskMitNavn, OEPS Crew, Rene Holm and Søren Behncke (Papfar). They express themselves in traditional painting and sculpture but the figures from their streetart are often still there. Their art is cunning and underneath there is a sharp criticism of society - although it also has a humorously touch.

Vejle Kunstmuseum

photo January 2009: grethe bachmann, Vejle Kunstmuseum, southeast Jutland

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