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Mysteries - 1) Spøttrup Borg

A Lady in every Tower

Spøttrup Castle is one of the most haunted places in Denmark. At least 10 various ghosts are haunting here - and they have all been seen plenty of times. The ghost-collection is very extensive. A blue lady walks in the square stair tower or in the kitchen, a white lady prefers the circular stair tower and a grey lady is in the gate tower. It's best to avoid the grey lady. She once murdered three small children. The ladies are in almost all colours, a black lady is outdoors.

In spring 1997 a bird-watcher was out on an early morning walk. He suddenly discovered a lady dressed in a strange old-fashioned black gown on the field outside Spøttrup. It was four o'clock in the morning, and he was astonished to see other people out at such an early hour. He looked in his binoculars and noticed that she just stood there, completely still, looking at the castle. He saw details of her dress, but then she gradually faded and disappeared.

A man rides into the castle night after night on a white horse. Maybe he's the same man who sometimes emerges in a black carriage with a four-in-hand - often the whole thing is invisible - only the noise from the old wheels upon the stones of the court yard is heard.

Besided the three ladies in the towers two dramatic ghosts are indoors too. One is a knight dressed in armour. No one knows who he is, but at times he walks restlessly in the castle corridors. He might have something to do with the unwashable blood stain upon the wall in the south wing's hall. It is said that a bloody hand imprint is seen there at times. This is the hand print of a lady who was danced to death by a group of knights. She still comes back placing a bloody handprint as a reminder about her tragic death.

It is not advisable to walk too much or too much alone in the castle corridors. There are other ghosts, seldom seen, but they leave a sense of discomfort and coldness when met. Realists might say that the cold comes from draft in the walls.....

Spøttrup Borg is situated ab. 16 km north west of Skive in North Jutland. Today a museum. Open daily during the summer season.

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Source :

"Det mystiske Danmark", en rejseguide til spøgelser, uhyrer og andre mærkværdigheder.
Lars Thomas, Aschehoug Dansk Forlag, 2005.

photo: grethe bachmann, Spøttrup, Salling, North Jutland

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