Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Orange Hawkweed/ Pomerans Høgeurt
Pilosella aurantiaca

Orange Hawkweed/Pomerans Høgeurt is native to most of Europe, though not to the southernmost and northernmost sections. It is found in some localities in Denmark . The species is completely dependent on not getting any shadow from competing plants. It is mostly spread from gardens , but in the listed and Ramsar-protected Verup Mose in Odsherred Statsskovdistrikt (Zealand) the Orange Hawkweed is found together with i.e. Common Hair-Grass (Bølget Bunke); Sedge (Grå Star); Goose-Grass (Gåse-Potentil); Hairy Woodrush (Håret Frytle) ; Sheep's Sorrel(Rødknæ) ; Wild Strawberry (Skovjordbær) and Wild Chervil (Vild Kørvel).

Wild About Denmark

photo 14 June 2009 , Gammel Rye, Mid Jutland: grethe bachmann

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