Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lapland Cornel/Hønsebær
Cornus suecica

Lapland cornel/Hønsebær (Cornus suecica) is a wintergreen herbaceous perennial covering the earth like a carpet. It's blooming in May-July with small purple flowers surrounded by white petal-like bracts. The fruit is a red berry. The plant spreads vigorously in underground suckers.
Lapland cornel is spread cirkumpolar which means that it is found in the northern part of Norway across Lapland, the northern part of Russia and North Sibiria to Alaska, North Canada and Greenland - the whole way around the North Pole.

It is also found in special habitats in Denmark, here in a moor in Rold skov. It grows in moist, acid soil in community with cranberry (tranebær), dward-birch (dværgbirk), bog-bilberry (mosebølle), cloudberry (multebær), rhinantus (skjaller) and Hare's Tail cottongrass (Tue-kæruld).

Observation Denmark Hønsebær

27. June 2009 Rold Skov, North Jutland: grethe bachmann

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