Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stenbjerg Strand by the North Sea.

Stenbjerg Strand, Northwest Jutland by the North Sea 27 km southwest of the town Thisted

Stenbjerg is an old, peaceful fishing village, surrounded by the North Sea and magnificent plantation areas. The cosy village is sheltered from wind and weather by the lyme grass dunes behind the listed Stenbjerg Landingsplads. Here was earlier business fishing. The atmosphere by the landing place with the small white tool sheds, the lifeboat station and the old fishing houses is idyllic and lively. It is possible to buy fresh-caught fish from the local fishermen.
In this area is peace, charm, fresh air, recreative, green surroundings and fine opportunities of bathing, fishing and walking in a unique nature area.

In the village Stenbjerg nearby are shops and a cosy inn.

Two retired fishermen keep an eye on the boat....

which is drawn out into the sea by a tractor.....

It came out allright and hopefully he'll return with some fresh fish!

Stenbjergs broad beach has a blue flag. There is sandy bottom, and the water is almost always clear. It deepens quickly and the stream can be strong. The wind gives good possibilities for windsurfing, and there are good opportunities for coast fishing at Stenbjerg and fishing in the lakes in the hinterland, in water streams and in Put & Take fishing parks - and a tour on a fishing boat for some deep-sea fishing.

In the old days were built a few fisherman's cottages around the life boat station at the beach, therefore the name Stenbjerg Landing Place. Stenbjerg is today famous for the small, characteristic, white washed cottages.


There are many marked paths , i.e. Vestkyststien: a 80 km long walking/cycling path between Bulbjerg and Agger , which passes Stenbjerg. On the other side of Stenbjerg are green plantations with lakes, water streams, beech woods and pine trees , a varied and extensive landscape - and in the whole area the sky is immensely high, clear and blue. The light has been compared to the famous light at Skagen. Many artists come here to paint - and also the Skagen-painter P.S. Krøyer has stayed here.

photo Stenbjerg: grethe bachmann


Wanda..... said...

I like the no nonsense, simple clean lines og the fishermen's cottages. The boats appear smaller than I would have thought, but have a clean fresh look. I imagine the retired fishermen miss going out!

Thyra said...

Hello Wanda! I like the clean lines and the atmosphere too, makes me calm and removes stress! And the sea air is healthier than the town air, where I live! The boats are smaller here than in the places, where they still send the large boats out for business fishing. In a few places at the North Sea are still large boats on the beach, which are drawn out by some winch- mechanism. I don't know if it's the right word? but I'll make a post on the blog next time about this.Those boats are so pretty and painted in strong, clear colors.

Kittie Howard said...

Wanda said it perfectly. Everything appears so fresh and clean and colorful, like a postcard. The boats look like little toy boats, so cute, except that the fishermen look like they know every wave that hits the shore and want to go out again. Steinbjerg looks soooo peaceful. You live near a slice of heaven!

Thyra said...

Hej Kittie! I would like to go out to that beach to-morrow if it was possible, but it is still so cold! An old word says that May-cold makes the barns full! *_*