Monday, May 17, 2010

Thorup Strand, Jammerbugten, the North Sea

Traces from the boats

The fishing village Thorup Strand is situated in the southern part of Jammerbugten by the North Sea. (10 km northwest of Fjerritslev). There is no harbour and the fishing boats are drawn up on the beach after a day's fishing. Thorup stand is the largest coast landing place in Denmark with ab. 20 fishing cutters. Fresh fish can be bought and Fishing trips are offered.

Thorup Strand is surrounded by the North Sea and a beautiful nature area - and 6 km from the coastline is Lund fjord, which is a section of the large birds' sanctuary Vejlerne with a rich bird life - and by the coast west of Thorup is Bulbjerg, Denmark's only bird clif.

The fine bathing beach at Thorup turns north and has rough sand with few stones. It is sheltered by dunes grown with lyme grass. In Thorup plantation is a rich animal life. Here is also a fine nature-playground for the children.

Lifeboat Station

Svinkløv Plantation at Slettestrand has many good hiking paths and is a magnificent nature area with a rich flora and fauna and with the water stream Sletteå running through it.

Svinkløv Badehotel

In the area are fine camping places(i.e. Svinkløv Camping) and the exclusive Svinkløv beach hotel.

photo Thorup/Svinkløv 2006: grethe bachmann.


Kittie Howard said...

The way the boats are pulled up, the beach looks like a freshly tilled pasture. Loved that beach photo. And that red barn is magnificent!! (I'd love to go fishing on one of those boats!) Lovely post, Grethe, thank you.

Thyra said...

Hej Kittie! I suppose that you do not get seasick! Lucky you! I can enjoy just looking at the sea for hours, and I love the sailing boats, when I don't have to be onboard, I turn green and seasick on a 15 minutes sailing.And some in my father's family were sailors! What a family-shame. Thanks for comment.*)