Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mols in November


The first look of the Mols peninsula from a view point on the main road between the city Århus and the small town Rønde, from where the road passes Kalø castle ruin and divides into various village roads to Mols and Mols bjerge with the National Park.

It's easy to see that the leaves have left the trees! After several days of strong wind and rain most trees have lost their autumn decoration in a week. But now the black silhouets of branches and twigs show themselves in a pretty ink drawing with the sky behind.

A small chapel upon a hill near the manor Rolsøgård, between the villages Knebel and Vrinners. A Romanesque church and a village was here once, but they were abandoned in 1695.  The tower of Rolsø church was seen far and wide from the hills and was used as a seamark. The church was demolished, but the porch and the cemetary were preserved. The old porch now functions as a chapel. The old church bell was placed in a new outside bell frame.

When the village and the church was abandoned was a tragedy to the inhabitants, and the vicar wrote some sad words about it. It was the lord of the manor Rolsøgård, who had requested to get the land for his estate, but it was the king who gave his permission, and the vicar was sad and upset. "Although the king is not personally involved, then his spirit is however hovering above the waters, and it was a large gain and a royal favour, if the lord of the manor wanted to be still more high and mighty".  This cost the village its life. It was abandoned in 1695.  

A path along the bay near Rolsøgård manor. The banks along the bay is a good fishing place. The strong wind  took a good grip of the golden rushes along the edge.

 One of those old country roads I like so much, because it reminds me about my childhood. Yes, you're right, Nostalgia! Gravel on the road with some puddles, some fine trees in the road curve,  and a landscape with spread farms behind it with a clear blue November sky.

Now the farmer has been preparing for winter during the last month or so, and maybe he allows himself to have a lazy day this week-end. Or else it's early up in the morning - very early!

One of my soft spots is the black silhuets of the trees in winter. The first photo is the corner of a field with one of those hedgerows with lots of white flowers in May.

Another silhuet in black. This road has a vigorous roof of leaves in summer, but now the roof has disappeared and the trees stand like black trolls in the night, but in day light they are just elegant.

The highlanders high upon a grave hill. There are lots of grave hills in the Mols landscape - and lots of them have never been excavated ! Go to work, archaeologists! Oh, the state has got no money, that's why! 

One of many narrow inlets with a misty view to a village on the other side 

This is the village Agri with idyllic houses and a church and a village pond. The village has been restored recently, many trees were removed along the pond, and there is now a free and lovely view to the village and Agri church. I'm looking forward to see it in summer and take a rest by the pond.

A nice red-bricked house by the road, upon the table are things they sell to the tourists. Well, not so many tourists now, but if they sell things for Christmas to the locals, then they might have some business. 

All over in the National park are trees and bushes removed in the hills, leaving a lovely, hilly landscape. Not all trees are removed. Everything is consulted by environment-people and landscape- architects. The next photo with horses is from this summer, a place, where trees have been removed. This part was completely covered in forest and is now revealing a magnificent view across the landscape.

A desolate house at the bottom of a large grave hill.

The last part of our November trip to Mols. The small marina is called Nappedam. You can see the castle ruin of Kalø in the background.

  • photo Mols, November 2010; grethe bachmann.


Wanda..... said...

Your trip to Mols had many points of interest, Grethe. Your first two photos of the water, trees and sky were beautifully captured. Loved the views of the grave hills, the cleared hillsides and your expression "the trees stand like black trolls in the night"

It's good to have a lazy day to enjoy such wonderful views!

Teresa Evangeline said...

I love old roads. The one of troll-like trees is so enchanting. I want to go exploring! Many nice phrases, such as, "the wind took a good grip of the golden rushes." The grave hills make me want to get out a shovel... if I was thirty years younger... :) A nice montage of photos and captions.

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda! Thanks. I have been at the land of Mols so many times because it's close to us, but I had never seen this little corner of Mols before.

Hej Teresa! - and as I said to Wanda I had not seen this country road before, they are so rare, most country roads have got asphalt. There was a special atmosphere in that little corner of Mols, no cars, no people. (maybe it was too cold!) I like such a quiet place! It's like chocolate for the soul. ´)

Marilyn said...

As always I have enjoyed going along on your ramble through the Danish countryside with your words and photos. I love the photo of the golden rushes in the grip of a strong wind and also the photo of the road passing through/under the trees. The village scenes and houses as well as the landscape scenes and animals all make me wish that I too could go on just this ramble.

Thyra said...

Hello Marily, thank you very much, but you see, you have just been there on my ramble. It's much better than being there, if you know what I mean! I have shortened the trip for you and chosen the best places - and you have not felt the cold wind! (LOL)!
I have been looking for your beautiful photos on the blog. I'll try again today.
Grethe `)