Monday, August 01, 2011

Early Marsh Orchid/Kødfarvet Gøgeurt

Dactylorhiza incarnata

Early Marsh Orchid is an orchid with pink flowers, but  they can also be dark red or white.. It is about 25-50 cm tall and is blooming in June and well into July. Ita leaves at the base are almost always without spots. It varies much in looks, dependent on where it grows or its genetic inheritance. It also hybridizes with other related species or orchids. It is common in parts of Jutland and upon the Isles , but rare in the rest of Denmark. It grows in moors, in meadows, in dune hollows and on dry sections of beach meadows.

Variety: Pale Early Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza incarnata var. ochroleuca) has light yellow flowers. It is found in East Jutland and at Sjælland, but is very rare. It grows especially in fens with calcareous soil..

photo: grethe bachmann


Early Marsh Orchid is listed. It must not be plucked, digged up or destroyed.

Most of its habitats are protected after § 3 i naturbeskyttelsesloven.
The species is also covered by CITES/Washington-konventionens liste II /bilag B.



  • Early Marsh Orchid is threatened by draining and cultivation.

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