Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mouse Trouble!

There is something wrong with the mouse! It won't take no for an answer.
In July it was the screen, I've got a new screen now, in August it was the printer, I've got a new printer now............
And  the mouse is behaving like a confused squirrel here in the last days of August. Enough is enough. The mouse must die. I don't know how long I can work here. Sometimes the mouse behaves well, but suddenly the lines jump up and down and I can't get out of the page. I 'll have to get hold of a mouse-trainer.
See you soon - maybe.


Wanda..... said...

Sounds like you might need a mousetrap, Grethe. :)

Teresa Evangeline said...

My mouse seemed like it was acting up today and then it straightened out. Nothing more frustrating than the mouse or cursor taking on a life of its own.

The mouse must die. :)

Thyra said...

Wanda, I once lived in a house close to fields where mice often came in the autumn. We used mousetraps! A mouse got caught with only the tail in the trap and rushed through the house with our two dachshounds jumping and barking after it. I was a coward. I disappeared with the dogs, while my husband "took care" of the poor little mouse.
Grethe `)

Thyra said...

Teresa, my mouse behaves well this morning. Maybe it has heard that I want to murder it! I'm not good at finding out what's wrong when it's about electronics. I don't like that everything has to be replaced if there's something little thing wrong. Why can't it be fixed!!! In the old days..........(babble, babble, babble)

Out on the prairie said...

I hate it when electronics fail.You can yell at them and they pay no heed .Reboot it and see if that takes care, but they do wear out.

Thyra said...

Hello and welcome to Thyra!

Yes, it's soooo irritating - and do you know what? We were out shopping after a long trip out this afternoon and bought a mouse in an electrocnic shop. When we came home, we discovered that it only fitted a laptop and not my computer, although it looks exactly the same. We didn't notice the difference, but I guess we were too tired!

We'll have to try again. Right now the mouse suddenly behaves - fairly good - until............

Have a nice week-end!
Grethe ´)