Friday, March 02, 2012

The First Day of Spring ..................

It was the very first day with a mild weather and the sun shining like I don't know what. I postponed my shopping for the week-end, this could be done to-morrow, and went down to the beach. The Marina is soon ready for all those boat-people, or as Hyacinth Bucket, excuse me, Bouquet, says: the people who are "yachting". There is a single sailboat out in the bay. It's very misty out there; the land on the other side of the bay lies in a haze. It's the peninsula Mols with the hills.  In the good old days there was a little ferry, which took you across the bay with your bike. That was a good idea, but good ideas are sometimes being removed by the politicians. You'll never know what they think of. Now they are trying to put some tax on American magazines, and I'm so grumpy, for there are some magazines I just love to be day-dreaming over, not sports, but fashion. I should have kept my old magazines. Well, 'll try to forget it now. They don't get my vote the next time.Here's a photo of a villa. I took a few shots of villas, and they are some pretty houses, situated along the beach road, some are placed up on a hill that runs all the way along the beach. I would like the red one. If I win the Lotto - but no,  I guess it would have to be a very large win, if I should be able to keep a house at all here. And then comes the expense for heating up the house in winter, and all the taxes. No, my flat is cosy and okay, and I've got no energy to move to another place.....    The kayaker looks like he's rowing between sea and sky. It must be a lovely sport. To enjoy such a morning, rowing silently along the beach.  You can see the beach road here. Two young girls are walking towards the forest a few hundred meters away. Usually people are running like wild, red or blue in the face. To walk is almost out of fashion. Or -  if you do walk, you'll have to walk with two sticks. This has a special name which I have forgotten. It should be good  for your back. I have tried those sticks, and the next day I had a pain in the back.  Here's the red villa on top of the hill. There are many long tall beeches in front of the hill houses, in summer they are not easy to see. But I'll stop this display, for they could fill a whole post. Except here is a shot of the workmen, it seems people can afford to have their houses repaired, although the rules ar being changed all the time by the politicians. I have moved up on the hill myself now, up some stairs where they suddenly have removed the steps. So many strange things happen! So I had to walk up steep on trampled earth, but I wanted to go up into the park. From the top of the hill there was a good view down to the road. A biker, then one came running, another one, they are really tough those runners. some are running 10 kilometers a day. Or more if they are Marathoners. Inside the park some sparrows were sitting in the sun in a tall bush. They were singing a little.  There are already many flowers in the lawn. This pretty white flower is what you call spring snowflake. The Danish name is Dorothea-lilje, named after some saint, a young girl who was a martyr. On the other side of the big lawn are the Donbæk-houses from the 1800s; they were once inhabited by farmers and foresters, now they are used for storing etc. by the gardeners who's working in the park.                                                                                     
The green bags protect newplant tress, but the dog had been there already, peeing up one of them. The dog had a really funny walk. The park is a good place for walking the dog. On a hill in the back of the park are some pretty trees, it's difficult to see now how pretty they are with their foliage, but here is a good view down to the bay -  and on a hot summer's day the trees deliver a cooling shadow.
view from the hill
  There is a big group of various Japan cherry in the park, which queen Margrethe received from Japan once, they are blooming in various weeks. The tree on the photo was filled with buds. In  fourteen days it's filled with beautiful flowers maybe. I like the poplars, they fill a whole long avenue. Behind them is another villa, not a normal size, it's the queen's "summerhouse", Marselisborg. Outside the castle by the driving road is a traffic circle. When the bus passes this to the bus stop after the circle, the bus driver sometimes says: "Margrethe's runddel"
( round, meaning: Margrethe's behind).  We're not always very respectful, but this doesn't mean anything bad. We like our queen Margrethe. The young bullies say she's cool.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

On my way home a great tit was finding insects in a tree, but it flew quickly away. In the garden of the forester's house is an old kind of well,  I don't know what it's called. The lake in the Botanical garden was now without ice. 

A seagull was enjoying the view from a tall tree without branches.The twigs look like an old man's hair. And some other seagulls enjoyed the sun standing in line upon stones in the lake. And then I met the sweet little tortoiseshell, the first butterfly I have seen this year. 

In the villa gardens were lots of eranthis and crocus.When I passed our local shop, three dogs were waiting outside. They did not bark.They were sitting very quiet and well-behaved. They looked so sweet, but I never go close to dogs I don't know. Furthermore I'm allergic to dogs, so it comes naturally, but I like to observe them.  


The last photo is the Italian house, my favorite house.

click to enlarge
photo Århus, Strandvejen, Mindeparken, Forstbotanisk Have, 2 March 2012: grethe bachmann


Wanda..... said...

Loved viewing the photos of your walk, Grethe...I think your spring is just a bit ahead of ours. It was almost 70F/21C here for a few days, then a cold front moved in and some are experiencing severe wind storms all around us, nothing too severe here, not yet anyway!

Carolyn said...

ahhhh sure enjoyed our walk today, Grethe ... ;) beautiful!

I guess politicias are the bane of our existence no matter what country.

drives me insane....

Carolyn said...

politicians... haaa that looks Italian! politicias...

Out on the prairie said...

Sigs are all around but I am looking forward to the crocus as in your header

Thyra said...

Hej Wanda! We've got a cold front this morning! But the sun is shining and we have planned a tour to Mols. Maybe the warmth might have gone over to you. But the light in the morning is wonderful. It's like coming out of the dark.

Grethe ´)

Hello Carolyn, LOL! I loved your politicias. You're right, it sounds Italian. Maybe you've got some Italian blood in your veins. When I read your posts I can see your temper in your posts. A good temper! I know the American magazines is only a bagatelle, but I don't write about the serious political things. I'm leaving that to the bright brains!!

Grethe ´)

Steve, we're looking for signs every day,aren't we? And suddenly everything comes pouring out, flowers, trees, butterflies - overwhelming. It's a good time,I didn't know last year if I would experience this, but now it's here.

Have a good week-end all of you.
Grethe ´)