Monday, March 05, 2012

Goodbye to King Winter .................

I've got a lovely email from a blogging friend , Jack Mathews of Sage to Meadow in Texas. Jack has given his 2011 Prairie Sagebrush Awards for blogging, and the award recognizes bloggers Jack follows for their excellence in writing, photography and art on the blog. He included Thyra, and I was very happy and honored of being in the company of these other bloggers. I'm a Dane - and therefore it was a special joy and honor to me to receive this award for "Goodbye to King Winter", a post about my dear country, Denmark.

This post was one of the recipients of the 2011 Prairie Sagebrush Awards, created by Jack Matthews, nature writer, historian, and creator of the truly fine blog Sage to Meadow.

On the 19th of February was still snow everywhere and spring seemd to be far, far away. The small harbour of Norsminde south of Århus was ice-free though, and the sky and water had a lovely strong blue shade. A clear cold winter's day brings fine colours!

Skovmøllen on a foggy day.
 The next week-end was foggy and raw and the sun seemed so far, far away. It was nice to see that the people at the restaurant of  Skovmøllen (the old Water Mill-restauurant) saw to that the little birds were fed with Danish bread and fat-bowls. There was also morning bread with cinnamon and the birds seemed to like it!  Notice the little blue tit. It is so ruffled. I hope it will cope.
Great tit and a ruffled Blue tit eating Danish morning bread with cinnamon.

Mossø Lake

Torup Lake

dike at the army road (in the old days used for cattle-fence)
icy paths

A clear day on the 5th of March in the lake district in the middle of Jutland. There was a thin layer of ice on the big lake, Mossø, and a thicker layer on the small lake Torup, where we usually take a rest in summer. But the path along the meadows was icy and not advisable to walk on this time. The army road along the heath was better, but still lots of ice on the side-walks. How different it looks from the summer season. The colours are dark and brown, umbra and sienna. Not a sound from the birds, not an insect in the air.

winter aconite
a forest path!
icy feet

fresh kid

On the 6th of March my usual little walk down to the park between the sea and Marselisborg Castle. At the Donbæk cottages were still ice on the ponds, where the duck stood freezing- or are they freezing? I hope they don't feel the cold as much as we do. The first winter aconites. Still ice in the forest paths - and on the goldfish-pond. Where are the goldfish in winter? Probably well looked after in another warmer place.....

After a long unwilling pause I have reached the 24th of March on my daily walk, and suddenly I saw a fine spotted woodpecker in the Forst Botanical Garden. It was very busy and did not notice the disturber. Snowdrops and winter aconites en masse. The duck pond was almost ice free - only a small layer in the farthest corner. King Winter, get lost........

Mols Bjerge
Mols Bjerge
Mols Bjerge

snowy showers far away

And the last camera trip was to Mols Bjerge in the National Park on Djursland on the 26 of March. It was easy to see that the snow had covered the hills for a long time. The grass was yellow and withered, but soon the hills will be green again. It was very, very cold and windy that day, and there was snow in the air. Everywhere in the horizon we could see the snow showers fall over the landscape from dark clouds - and on our way home we drove through snowy weather. The last time this year I'm sure!

The next trip is to-morrow, the first Saturday of April, and the weather forecast says 20 degrees Celsius - a giant difference from the beginning of the week with 3 degrees Celsius. Welcome spring, oh! you don't know how welcome you are! The birds are singing - and I saw the first butterfly yesterday! Goodbye king Winter. 

photo in February and March 2011: grethe bachmann


Out on the prairie said...

Spring is so close, yesterday was a power day ,March fourth. A progression toward the new season.LOL

Joan said...

Wonderful post Grethe. The dance of the earth goes on.. spring in your world and autumn in mine. How nice to be aware.

Thyra said...

Hej Steve and Joan, you know what, the cold has come back, but Saturday the warmth will come back. It's confusing. What to wear each day? The warm sweater under the jacket or not? The warm boots or the shoes? The woolen cap or not? I'll never learn!
Have a nice day!
Grethe ´)