Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Days are short when you reach November.......

yes, the lyrics of the "September Song" can be changed like the weather.........

the fog has almost gone

What shall I take care of this winter in order to stay healthy? There are always so many warnings everywhere and it is so difficult to remember it all, isn't it?
"Winter can have a pretty big impact on our physical health and emotional health,” said Dr. Conrad Iber, director of the Fairview sleep program at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

a low gravehill with trees.
farm in November sun

"Remember to drink lots of water, eat more whole grains and more vegetables and be physically active, your bedroom has to be cold, you'll become more grumpy, because there's less sunlight, it might be a good idea to get a sunlight lamp, do some exercise, socialize, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, rich in D- vitamin,  it's prime time for colds and flu, again remember a balanced diet, exercise, fresh air and adequate sleep. Get a flu shot. And then here's something I wasn't aware of:  your body adapts to the cold by shifting more blood flow to interior organs and away from your hands, feet and face. So that's what happens!.... again remember exercise and a good diet, wear layers, cover your wrists, ankels and head, when you're outside on cold days".

I promise I'll try to remember everything.
Btw: I have got a flu shot ...........

cattle enjoying still being out...

 oak with  leaves down to the ground, (enlarge).

When all this has been said I went out Saturday to see what was happening outside on a cold day in November. It was not very cold . The cold of winter will arrive on the last day of November, on Friday the 30. "Make no sorrow in advance" is an old saying. The weather people might be wrong. I'm not ready for snow.

well-dressed hunters
old kloster church, Tvilum

It was very foggy that morning, at least here in Århus and East Jutland. There was no sign of a blue heaven and I couldn't imagine it might be any better. It's actually a great help that we can look at the satelite on the net and see where to go. "There are no clouds to the north!"  So we took the north-road hoping for a little sunlight on this short afternoon. It took almost an hour before we were out of the fog, and the sun came through the haze and threw a golden light upon the landscape.

flowing lines

Gudenaa River Valley, at Sminge
Gudenaa River Valley, at Sminge

landscape with windmills, Tvilum

I always take some photos while we're driving, which probably is obvious but I use them anyway because they can tell a little about my country. All seasons have their charm. November is reflective, now the year has almost passed, and we are going into a long winter, summer feels far away now, and we'll have to wait almost half a year before we'll see it again. Although the days grow shorter, there is a special light in the day hours when the sun is low. It's this golden light we can see in summer on a late afternoon. I love that golden light. Hours like this makes me wish that I lived in a cosy house out in the country, where I could meet the nature from morning til noon. But I'm a city girl. The countryside is not always so romantic, muddy roads and smell from the swine farms ..........

now we're going back home....

 - but we were surprised by a strange change of weather, suddenly dark clouds came close to the ground and surrounded everything with a mysterious dark haze. We could see the lake, but it looked like something from the Arthurian saga, we'll go down and await the boat from Avalon.....

Well, let's go back to reality. What stuff are dreams made of anyway? 

Before reaching home we took a side-trip to a lake close by my home, where a rare bird has visited Denmark for some weeks. This bird has been in Denmark twice and in Europe five times, it comes from far away, from Asia. It's the Brown Shrike - and I'm sure this is now the most photographed "person" in Denmark beside Crownprincess Mary. The birdwatchers come from abroad too. I haven't got a photo yet. I've been promised one and I'll bring it on the blog for those who are interested. But I did see this little fine bird - eventually. First I was staring at a pole with a spot in the top. This was not the right pole, but then I saw the little famous star just before it jumped down into the grass.

See you see soon again. I've been on Amled's Heath with Prince Hamlet's grave. I'll show you later.  

Looking for the Brown Shrike.

the bird is here - somewhere........

photo 24.November 2012: grethe bachmann 


Wanda..... said...

We live in our small country hometown that is swine farm free, but years ago while living in another area, we would often drive by a swine farm. Unbelievable!

Enjoyed reading your post, Grethe and can so relate to preparing our bodies for the winter months ahead. Wishing you a warm, happy and healthy season!

Thyra said...

Hello Wanda, yes, just imagine you've hang out your fresh-washed linen to give it the lovely scent of fresh air - and then it comes in smelling like the slurry from the swine farm!

Thank you for good wishes. The same wishes to you in your pretty place.

Grethe ´)

We've got the first snow this morning.

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a delightful post! I loved the images, so beautiful, and your remarks. I hope your winter is healthy and happy.

Thyra said...

Hej Teresa, thank you for good wishes, I hope the same for you. Enjoy the winter in Minnesota, you and Buddy. I have heard you might have some rough winters there, but maybe we are going into a mild one this year!

Grethe ´)