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The Vikingship Museum, Roskilde after the Storm.

gb: Vikingship Museum, boatyard 2001


Vikingship Museum Roskilde storm december 2013

 The Vikingship Museum in Roskilde was in danger of being flooded during the storm in December 2013. The violent storm pressed the waters of Roskilde Fjord up to a dangerous level and the water was 2.06 meter above normal when it was at its highest. The police in Mid- and West Zealand, the Emergency Agency, the Home Guard and the Fire department were all fighting a battle against the clock to save this national treasure from a devastating flood.

Also the Museum staff had a long and dramatic night. The water stood up to the edge of the large window facades of the ship building, and they were also worried if something, floating in the water outside, would crush the windows and make the water enter the buildings with the irreplaceable 1000 years old Viking ships. They said afterwards that the sound of the waves against  the building was frightening. The Emergency and the Fire Department had helped securing the window facades against the water pressure and the Museum staff was especially fighting to keep water away from the Viking ships. Fortunately the ships were not damaged, they were being packed in plastic, and the water was pumped out of the buildings.

But the Museum Island with the café, the education center and the boatyard was massive damaged by the flood.

The Vikingship hall was damaged by the waves, seven windows were crushed and the concrete structure was pressed in several places, causing cracks. On the Museum Island the water stood high and floors,walls and installations were badly damaged. In spite of the massive damage the Vikingship Museum did not close to the public, and it is expected that the buildings of the Museum Island are ready for the summer season from 16 May.
Source:, Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde.

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