Monday, September 15, 2014

Skagen - on an early September Morning

A Taste of Denmark

Early morning i Skagen. In the top of the city-houses are often holiday-apartments. Here are the quilts hung out in the sun for airing. These holiday-apartments are very attractive and smart. 

Skagen is one of the most lovely little towns in Denmark It is a special summer city visited by enthusiastic tourists, who are fascinated by both the beautiful beach and the blue sea , the town itself with cafés, restaurants and smart shops - the famous Danish Skagen artists and the museums with their works -  and of course the famous Light of Skagen.

A charming corner in the narrow roads. A Skagen-house must have that special yellow colour, called Skagen-yellow. The red roof has to be decorated with the white "lace". It all looks so decorative and cosy. And the yellow colour is warm and wonderful in the sunlight. 

September is still a busy month in Skagen. This year they are celebrating "Blue September" with exciting arrangements in town.

Here's a look into the yard of a second-hand dealer's shop. There are lots of shops like this - and they are very, very popular right now. Danish TV has shown an awful lot of tv-series about junks and  antiques  - and it seems that everyone knows about brics and bracs. The English TV- series Antiques Road Shows have brought us some good knowledge!!!


A white house and a garden with a crippled tree, green hedges and white-painted fences.

The clothes hung out to dry in the fresh air. Most people - at least the tourists coming here - have got a tumble dryer at home -  have they forgotten the delicious scent of clothes dried by the air ? And it looks nice - doesn't it? 

a restaurant waiting for customers

All these  Skagen-photos are from one of the first days in September, on an early morning  where we were on our way out to the beach north of Skagen. The streets were still almost empty, but not for long. Cafés and restaurants and museums are still open like in high summer.

An oldfashioned and fine chestnut-fence has replaced the traditional white-painted fence. .

Some facts about Skagen:
Skagen is situated in Vendsyssel. It is the northernest city in Denmark with 8.198 inhabitants in 2014. Skagen is a pronounced tourist-town, first of all known for its unique nature and for the Danish Skagen-painters like P.S.Krøyer, Anna Ancher and Michael Ancher. They found the natural light of the area so special and exciting that they settled at the top of Jutland and created a number of masterpieces. (seen at Skagens Museum and in Michael and Anna Anchers house).

Skagen is also known for its fishing harbour and for the Skagen Festival (first time in 1971).
North of Skagen is the beautiful beach and Grenen, the north top of Denmark, dividing Skagerak from Kattegat. Near Skagen is den tilsandede kirke (church half covered by sand.) 

Clara-Emilie's house.

And now I'll go sit on the Blue Bench because I'm so tired.  I have been in many streets  and seen much more than I have shown you and my legs need a little rest. "Why a blue bench I wonder! Oh, of course! That's because Skagen is celebrating Blue September this year. How stupid can I be???? "

isn't it lovely?

Goodbye Skagen for this time. See you next year!.

When winter comes the town turns into a fairly quiet place and the inhabitants can get their breath back and take it a little easy during the winter season while they are preparing for next summer..

photo Skagen September 2014: grethe bachmann

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