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World Alzheimer's Day - 21 September 2014

Eight Warning Signs

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World Alzheimer's Day, September 21st of each year, is a day on which Alzheimer's organizations around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awareness about Alzheimer's and dementia. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, a group of disorders that impairs mental functioning.

But how are the signs of beginning dementia? Are we often scared of some signs which has nothing to do with dementia and Alzheimer's ? The typical signs might be different from what we think.

Here are 8 typical warning signs of dementia .

1. Impaired Memory.
It is a normal thing to forget an appointment or a message - and it later comes to your mind.
It is not normal to forget where you are going or who you've spoken to.

2. Trouble with Familiar Tasks.
It is normal to forget to turn on the coffee machine, but it is not normal to put the thermos on the gas stove or cooktop.   

3. Problems with Language.
It is normal to have trouble finding the right word sometimes.
It is not normal completely to forget words and replace them with other words that make no sense.

4. Forgetting Time and Place.
It is normal to be wrong about a date or not being able to find your way in new places.
It is not normal to swap the hours of the days or get lost in an area you know. 

5. Bad or reduced Judgment.
It is normal to forget your raincoat - although it looks like rain's coming.
It is not normal to forget that it is winter and put on your summer-shoes outdoors.

6.Things in the wrong Place.

It is normal to forget where you've put your keys or your glasses.
It is not normal to put the iron in the freezer.

7. Changes in Personality 
It is normal that your attitudes and opinions may change over the years.
It is not normal if a person changes dramatically, like quickly getting confused, suspicious or angry.

8. Changes in Mood and Behaviour.

It is normal to get upset and having a real bad day.
It is not normal to have mood swings that apparently occurs without reason from one moment to the next.

Source  from Danish Magazine "Søndag" nr. 37, 08.09.14
Article by Elisabeth Wille, / Source: Alzheimerforeningen,

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Out on the prairie said...

I have worked with this a lot. I was reading to group, but it sometimes took longer to tell them who I was. I used children's books with lots of pictures.