Monday, August 04, 2008

Lindholm Høje, Viking Burial Site, North Jutland

A guest looks across the burial site...........

..and this is the first sight of the 700 viking graves.

Single graves, systematic arrangements, stone ships......

..similar to Højstrup Viking Burial Site further west of
Limfjorden but much bigger

All those viking burials were sanded up for 900 years
until they were discovered and excavated in the 1950s.

photo: sb
Here's a visible stone ship. Who was this Viking? One of
the Viking chiefs maybe.

Lindholm Høje with 700 graves from the Viking Period is a fascinating place. The graves were sanded up and have been untouched for more than 900 years. The burial site at Lindholm corresponds to the Højstrup Viking Burial Site further west of Limfjorden near Tømmerby church and Aggersborg, also wellknown places with Viking traditions.
At Lindholm are single graves, systematic arrangements and stone ships. The archeological finds are exhibited in a museum close by which was established by Aalborg Historiske Museum. Here is also a museum shop and a café.

Lindholm Høje is placed on a high plateau north of the modern city Nørre Sundby and Aalborg with a fine view to Limfjorden. The place was discovered and excavated in the 1950s. At the same time the archaeologists found a furrowed field under the sand which showed that the viking farmer had left it in a haste under a sand storm. After the storm the field was obviously given up. It is an extremely rare thing to find a field with 900 years untouched visible furrows. Even the farmer's footprints were there.

photo August 2008: grethe bachmann
photo August 2008: stig bachmann nielsen, Naturplan Foto

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