Monday, August 04, 2008

Orchids, Rold, North Jutland

Red Helleborine and Lady's Slipper

Red Helleborine/Rød skovlilje/Cephalanthera rubra

Red Helleborine/Rød skovlilje

Red Helleborine/Rød skovlilje

Lady's Slipper Orchid/Fruesko/Cypredium calceolus

The orchid with the delicate pink flowers is one of our most rare orchids. The name is Red Helleborine/Rød skovlilje - and it grows in the same habitat in Rold Skov as the big orchid Lady's slipper Orchid/Fruesko. Lady's Slipper grows in a big enclosure in the forest, and at this time of the year it has ceased to flower.

photo July 2008: stig bachmann nielsen, Naturplan Foto

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