Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nature in Trouble

Lapwing, Vilsted Sø

Skylark, Ertebølle

Many years ago, in 1986, a plan for pesticides was introduced in DK. The purpose was to lower the use of pesticides in order to keep the diversity of nature. Unfortunately it has developed in the wrong direction. I.e. has the population of lapwing, skylark, partridge and hare minimized severely, caused by the barren landscape. The waterworks state that more and more drillings contain rests of pesticides. The agriculture says that the use of pesticides is necessary caused by "hunger in the world", while *DN 's representative says "rubbish", cause 85% of the Danish corn-production is used for animal-fodder.

* Dansk Naturfredning

Partridge, Rugård

Hare, Oudrup Hede

Source: Natur og Miljø, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, nr. 4, Nov. 2009.

photos 2007-2009: grethe bachmann

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